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Should school athletes be obligated to take a drug test?

March 18, 2016

    High school sports are taken very seriously in my opinion, all the competition is taken to another level. With the competition of high school sports other standards should be taken to make sure all students participating in a high school level game. Lately many sports of all kinds whether it is professional or just everyday high school activities people have been getting caught with drugs that are banned or just illegal for age.According to Thad Morgan many professionals like Alec Rodriguez , Tonya Harding, and Lance Armstrong have been banned from their sport because of use of drugs. The level of sport one may play at is different for every player, but should every player be treated the same way? Could it be possible to obligate all high school students competing in a sport to take drug test? Along with making all the students athletes take the test, would it be healthier decision for all students to make everyone apart of the school like workers, students, and janitors take a test for the safety of everyone. Would all the parents and students be okay with having these tests occur?
      Everyday when watching television there are shows with teenagers doing drugs in school or around school. All of these make me think are a lot of teenagers taking drugs illegally when they are still in school and still developing. "A survey taken in America shows that Seventeen students use or take drugs during school"(Azuz). The numbers of kids using drugs in school shows me that many other kids could be using drugs out of school. It makes me wonder if having a percentage of the kids take a drug test randomly every month. "Since 2002, when the Supreme Court ruled that random school drug testing is constitutional, more schools have adopted this practice"(The New York Times Upfront). The supreme court has shown that the practice of drug testing may have changed some way kids think of the drugs. Other schools decided using drug testing on their own students may help with the amount of students using drugs within school." Over the past five years, teen drug use has declined 23 percent"(The New York Times Upfront). The drug testing in school is most likely not the leading reason why kids are not starting to take the illegal drugs, but these drugs test may push some kids to stop taking them.
    In conclusion with the information I found, I believe that random drugs test taken by not just student athletes but students in general in school would make a difference. Schools should begin testing their students when they believe the students are doing things they are not aloud. The testing may cause the student body to be healthier and drugs use to drop.
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