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Is the Beauty Real

March 18, 2016

    Everyone in today’s society looks or has looked upon celebrities as role models.  It appears that celebrities set the trend of how one's body should look.  Little do we know that they have makeup artists, hair stylists, designers, and personal trainers who work hard with them every day to create their appearance.  When people see photos of celebrities, many believe that they should look the way the celebrity wants to exemplify his/her beauty.  The New York Times article states that, "the photographs of celebrities and models in fashion advertisements and magazines are routinely buffed with the helping of digital polish" (Lohr).  Graphic designers are thus able to touch up anything they think might look wrong with a person simply by creating someone who isn’t what a realistic human looks like.  
    So the question is, “Do photoshop images make people feel bad about their own looks?” (Lohr).  I would argue the answer is yes.  This is because there are so many people in the world who try to reconstruct their body completely simply by having plastic surgeries or botoxs in order to feel better about themselves.  There are also people who have illnesses such as bulimia, anorexia, depression, and possibly even suicidal thoughts because they don’t look like an ideal celebrity.  What has society come to?  People should believe that they’re beautiful by just being themselves.  People should be confident in who they are and not try to change their looks trying to be like the celebrities in which they idolize.  Haley Bianco, a student at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania states,
    In a society where flaws are erased, insecurities are heightened. Americans are surrounded by picture-perfect models     everywhere they look. Photoshopped photos appear on magazine covers, mall ads and highway billboards. Beautiful     models are featured all over the country, but according to statistics from The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, ‘only 2     percent of women around the world describe themselves as beautiful.’ (Student’s Blast Photoshop)    
Only two percent of women think that they’re beautiful.  This is a very low percentage and photoshop plays a big role in that perception.  Not only does it affect women but men also.  Men see photoshopped images of men who are very muscular and lean.  Seeing these images, they also become self conscious and unhappy with their bodies.  
    Everyone should be comfortable as the person they are and not base what they look like off of a photoshop image, which is why retouching images shouldn’t be allowed.  The retouched images affect people as the beauty on the pictures isn’t real.  Photoshop isn’t the “norms” and the images make people feel bad about their own looks so it should be put to an end.  I would like the pictures in the magazines to be of real people showing their real self, not some unrealistic photos.  

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