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slightly volatile when it comes to my moods really bored most of the time and definitely a bit random and again bored most of the time in yr10 and just do this from time to time, kind of considering doing my own blog as well.

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stop caring about what people think so what if they take the piss just take the piss ou of them back simples and same with exams try but dont doubt yourself and dont stress about them it will be so much easier for you


March 20, 2019


why do i forget all i need to remember 
why do i remember everything i hate 
when i want to forget i can never seem to do just that 
but rather i remember all the pain all over again 
everything that hurts brought back again
all the memories all the pain 
i worked so hard to forget everything 
you went out of your way to make me never forget 
everywhere i go
everyone i see it feels like you are always there
always watching 
always telling me everything you did before
all over again
and now i know i will never forget 
the memory may fade 
but when it comes back it will wreck everything that i worked for 
everything that i fixed 
now my tears stain my pillow my hands my face 
and now i that was one thing i can never forget 


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  • March 20, 2019 - 9:20am (Now Viewing)

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  • Riley Noel

    Wow, you have perfectly captured a feeling of regret and pain so raw and real I felt it like it was my own. Awesome work.

    6 months ago