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Are Children of Illegal Immigrants Entitled to a Public Education?

March 21, 2016

    America; the land of the free and the home of the brave, the place to go for new opportunities, to escape your past and create a new present for you and your children. Historically, the United States of America has been known as the country to come to in order to start over and better your life. Now, with suddenly new and disturbing laws being put into action, many of our countries people are losing rights and freedoms that our constitution rained upon us.
    Recent studies are showing that around five percent of Hispanic students have stop attending schools throughout the state of Alabama after a new law was put into place stating that students must provide proof of immigration before registration (Griffee). This raises the question to other American schools, should immigrants be forced to show citizenship or should all children have the opportunity for an education in the United States?
    I believe that America should be a place of freedom and opportunity to thrive. The only way we are ever going to thrive is by giving our people an education, and this includes children who don’t have citizenship yet. As much of the article states, this new Alabama law “is cruel and counterproductive” (Griffee). It takes away from the betterment of society and in the long run will only end up hurting our future generations.  
    As children they had no say in how they came to be in America, and they most certainly should not be punished for that. This crazy new law also goes against what America was built upon and stands for. “The educational crackdown is particularly senseless and unconstitutional. In  1982, the Supreme Court found that all children living in the United States have the right to a public education, whatever their immigration status” (Griffee). I agree with their decision and fully support it.
    Many of the court systems found this law to be harmful to the United States population. “The justices’ reasoning was shaped not by compassion but practicality: it does the country no good to perpetuate an uneducated underclass” (Griffee). It makes no sense to deprive these kids of their education due to the fact that the world is evolving at an extremely fast rate, and by refusing to better our people in the best way possible we are only putting ourselves further behind everyone else. These children should not have to feel the hatred of those who are so hard struck on illegal immigration just because their mom or dad isn’t here formally. These children were brought here with their families and had no choice or say in that matter.     
    It’s sad and unfortunate that the Hispanic student population has dropped dramatically, not only throughout the state of Alabama but the entire nation (Griffee). We should be providing a safe place for everybody in the United States, not trying to tear them down to nothing when they already have so little. Many schools in the USA stand by the title that their school is a safe place. Letting only a selected handful of students into the school bases on their citizenship status is burning that title to the ground. In my opinion, these Hispanic children feel anything but safe right now and those schools along with the rest of America need to step up and work together to make an environment safe and beneficial for all children. The American Dream is opportunity to prosper, so why not let everyone have that same chance?!

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