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Read, Read, and Read Again!

March 18, 2016

Hanna Honerman
Miss Sahly  
College Writing and Research
10 March Thursday 

    Reading books is Americas past time. It goes on for generations and generations or grandparents and parents telling their children stories or reading books to their children. When I was a young girl my mom and my grandma read me books everyday. It was one of my favorite things to do. Reading stories and and listening to stories takes you on a journey into a whole new world you get to experience. Books create a portal to learning, fun, and a connection you as the reader or as the listener can relate to. Today's kids unfortunately have not experienced this connection and adventure as they should. There are so many technological advances that kids and parents are losing sight of what really matters and what really helps children develop and experience a social and parental connection through stories and books. 
    Reading to children helps them to develop in many ways. "Children can gain basic speech skills, better communication skills, the basics of reading, comprehension of language, logical thinking skills, and enhanced concentration and discipline" (Early Moments). These are just a few of the many benefits that comes from reading to children at a young age from before they are born all the way up until grade school. The development of these skills is mainly learned in the pre toddler to preschool ages. This is a very critical time to be helping kids to learn and comprehend the basic skills they will need for the entire lives. 
    Along with learning the basic skills I previously listed there are a number of other benefits to reading such as "Children matching pictures to descriptions, learning their basic colors and shapes, storyline comprehension, and real life events and facts about animals, transportation, and many other things" (Raise Smart Kid). There is nothing bad that could come from sitting down with a child and reading him or her a book or telling him or her a story. This is something many parents and adults these days tend to overlook and think of as something they can do in school or at daycare, but reading to a child helps them develop a bond with their reader as well. 
    Kids today have a vast array of technology used to help them learn, which can be a great tool to utilize to their advantage to help them learn, however bringing things back to the basics and sitting down to read and tech in a more hands on way to help kids learn and develop the skills they need for life along with learning to be more social and interact with other children and people around them. In conclusion the more hands on reading children get from their parents, elders, and teachers the truly better off they are.
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