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Love Finds It's Way

March 20, 2019

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This is a love story. A love story unlike other love stories. A love story that never completed in this world. A love story of two lovers whose love would have never been accepted by their families. A love story that shows us that nothing matters in loveA love story of two bodies who couldn't be one soul in this world. But there is another world which is far away from this world, which is high above the sky, which is beautiful. In that world you are allowed to love without any restrictions. And as their love was true God let them complete their love story in that world. This is the love story of Kartik and Naira.
Their story started some 10 years ago.In a birthday party. It was Naira's Birthday Party. She was celebrating her birthday with her friends and classmates.
Kartik reads in the same class as Naira, they were classmates. So, as her classmate Kartik also came to her Birthday. Although nor Naitik wanted to call Kartik neither Manish wanted to send Kartik. But they thought their children should not suffer for their enemity, that's why they said nothing.
Naira was wearing a beautiful white gown. Kartik was awestruck seeing her. She was laughing with her friends.
After sometime Naira cut the cake, everybody was singing"Happy Birthday to you." Naira then started serving cake. After serving all only Kartik was left. She went to Kartik to give him cake.As she went to him Kartik gave her the gift . Naira said Thank you and gave him a cute warm smile. And he replied back. Naira then gave him cake and was going. But before going she gave him another smile and he also replied a smile in return.
After 9 years
A beautiful girl is seen in a car. She was talking in the phone and laughing .
A boy is seen in a bike. He was watching the girl in the car.
So you all might have guessed but still let me tell you, The boy and the girl is none other than our Kartik and Naira.
Naira was talking with her friend and laughing and smiling and Kartik was smiling seeing Naira smiling.
Kartik then parked his bike and went inside to his friends.His friends were flirting with girls. Every girl was staring at him but he was not flirting. He was not even looking at them. He was thinking about Naira.
After some time Naira entered the college. Every boy was staring at her.Kartik's friends were about to flirt with her but Kartik stopped them.
Naira saw Kartik and gave him a cute smile. Kartik also in return gave a smile. When Naira gave Kartik a smile, Kartik felt like the time stopped. He was so happy. So was in case of Naira she was also very happy as they were in same college.
Naira then went to her class and she was taking notes in her class. While Kartik was standing outside Naira's class and was looking at her. "She is looking so cute while taking notes," thought Kartik and smiled at his own thought.
After sometime Naira's class was finished and she came out of the room and saw Kartik in the corridor. She waved a hi to him, so did he. Naira then walked away blushing a little.
Time passes like this after a month. Now they had an football tournament in their school. And their team won, so she was too much happy. She gave a friendly hug to all players but in Kartik's turn she pulled him into a bone-crushing hug. Kartik was shocked by her sudden action but he was happy too. He was not only happy he was more than happy. So, he also hugged her back. As he hugged her back Naira was in cloud 9.
After their class was finished they went to their home. Both of them were jumping around in the room like a kid or appropiate mendak(frog).
The next day they were called in Principals office. At first they were tensed but then they got to know that they were selected for a dance performance and so to let them know they were called. Both of them were too much happy. Not because they were selected for the performance but because they will be able to dance together.
So, days passed like this they were practicing together for the dance practice.
Now it was time for their performance. They were performing on the song "Perfect". During the whole dance they were lost in each other. They were sharing an eye-lock. The song ended but the eye-lock didn't. Their eye-lock broke due to the claps of the audiance. Everyone liked their dance and their chemistry very much. Soon the function ended.
The next day after college Naira called Kartik. Kartik picked it up. "Hello!" he spoke. But in reply he could hear only heartbeats. After Kartik spoke Naira kept the phone near her heart. Then after some seconds she cut the call and was blushing. Kartik understood whose call it was he was just smiling remembering it.
The next day after college Naira texted Kartik. "We know each other since childhood but never talked properly.So...." she wrote. "You are right.So....." he replied. "So can we meet??" she asked.Kartik was in cloud 9. He instantly replied, "Of course." Reading the answer Naira was also i. cloud 9. "So, central park, Tom.7." she texted.
Both were too much happy that they were jumping, dancing, singing.... Next day Naira woke up early and went to the jewellry shop and bought a ring for Kartik. Kartik also bought a ring for Naira.
Both were waiting for evening. In the evening Naira got ready wearing a blue knee length gown and practised a lot of time how she would propose him. Kartik also wore a black suit. He practised more than 1000 times how he would propose Naira.
Both started for their destination. Kartik reached before Naira. He was too much nervous. Sometimes later Naira also reached the park and saw Kartik standing near a tree. "Kartik," she called. Kartik looked back and saw Naira. He was awestruck seeing her. She was not looking less than any Princess. She was also looking at Kartik, who was looking not less than a Prince. They were lost in each other. Their eyes met. They shared an eye-lock. "Hi!" Naira started the conversation. "Hi!" replied Kartik. Then before Naira could say anything Kartik sat on his knees. "Naira, I love you. I love you more than anything. I love you since childhood but never had the courage to tell you. I love you Naira. I really really love you," he said and took out a ring from his pocket. "I really love you Naira.Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked forwarding the ring. Naira was in cloud 9. Her love, her prince charming was proposing her. She instantly nodded in positive. Kartik made her wear the ring. Then she also made Kartik wear the ring. Kartik then pulled Naira in his lap. Naira hugged him tightly. After sometime they broke the hug and Their face were too close, their eyes met. They shared an eye lock. Their faces were dangerously close so Naira smashed her lips on Kartik's lips. At first the kiss was passionate gradually it became wild. They broke the kiss in lack of oxygen. Naira was blushing profusely. She hid her face in Kartik's chest and Kartik was hugging her. They forget all other things. They were lost in their world.
A year passed like this. Kaira's relation was getting stronger and they shared many cute moments together. But in their happy life suddenly a storm came. Their family got to know about them. Nor Naitik neither Manish liked each other. So they didn't accept their relation.
In Naira's home
"Do you love Kartik?" asked Naitik in a angry tone. Naira remained silent. "Why are you silent?Tell me," Naitik ordered Naira. Naira having no more option she said, "Yes, Papa." "From tomorrow if you even dare to talk to him I will not allow you to go out not in college also," said Naitik being angry. "But why Papa?? Why can't I love Kartik?" asked Naira while crying. "Because I hate Manish goenka and not only that our religion are not same too. We are of different religion. They are our enemy that's why," replied Naitik. Naira was too much hurt by his father's words. "So from now you will not talk to Kartik," ordered Naitik. Naira gathering some courage replied in a low but determined voice, "I will meet him." Naitik became more angry and shouted, "You will not." "I will because I love him," said Naira in a low but determined voice still crying. Naitik became too much angry with her. "From now you will stay in your room only. You will not go anywhere. Not in your college too," said Naitik and locked Naira in her room.
In Kartik's house also Manish angrily told Kartik not to meet Naira. He also told Kartik that their religion doesn't match too. So, he have to leave Naira. But Kartik in a determined voice told that he will never leave Naira. As a result Manish became too much angry and left Kartik alone. Kartik was too much broken he was continuously crying. But he determined that he will never leave Naira also if the whole world goes against their love.
In Naira's room Naira was completely broken. She was crying continuously. She never thought that just for being of different religion their love would not be accepted. She felt like her heart was breaking. Not only her heart her world was also breaking. She couldn't meet her Kartik anymore thinking this she was feeling like she couldn't breathe more. Her whole world stopped. She was crying as hell. Her eyes became swollen and red due to crying. She passed her whole night crying.
The next day Kartik was waiting for Naira but she didn't come. He was worried. So he called her but her phone was switched off. He waited for some more days. But she didn't came. He was worried like hell. Then he came to know that Naira's father locked her in a room and is not allowing her to come to college.
Kartik felt like his world broke apart. He went to her house but he wasn't allowed to enter. So Kartik had to go to his house. In his house Kartik was crying. Kartik was too much sad. He wrote something for Naira.
The next day Kartik wasn't in mood to go to college but he went. After going to college he was informed by Gayu one of Naira's friend that Naira somehow managed to get permission from his dad to go out today. So she told him to meet her near the coffee shop. Kartik was relieved that at least nothing happened to her Naira.
Both were waiting for evening. They didn't meet for 20 days. These 20 days were like 20 years for them.
In the evening Naira was thinking about Kartik . "If there would have been another world. A another world where they would have been allowed to love despite of religious discrimination,I would have went there with you, Kartik," thought Naira.
"If there would have been another world where we and our love would be accepted despite of religious discrimination I would have take you there, Naira," thought Kartik.
Both of them wished for a miracle, wished for another world where they would have been permitted to love. Maybe God too saw true love in them that's why he fulfilled their wish.
In the evening  Kartik reached the place and he also bought the thing he wrote for her and was thinking about Naira. He turned around feeling her presence and what he saw broke his heart. She was standing there, tears falling from her eyes. Her eyes fluffy and red. Their eyes met. They shared and eye-lock. It started raining heavily. They were moving towards each other. They came face to face .Naira could no more control her emotions and so she hugged Kartik tightly. Kartik too hugged him back. She was feeling safe in his arms. They forgot about the world, the tensions, the sadness. They were feeling relieved being in their loved ones arm and because of getting them in their arm. They were in peace.
But their peace got spoiled. Suddenly a car came from back. When the car driver saw them he tried to stop the car but too let they crashed with the car.
The last thing they could see after accident was each other. Their vision was getting blur. Kartik somehow managed to give the paper to Naira. Naira couldn't read as her vision was becoming blur. But she knew it was for her. So she tried to smile a little but failed. They somehow managed to hold each others hand and entwined them. And left this cruel world who couldn't accept their love.

In a different world,
A girl is seen in a beautiful gown. She was looking like princess. She is our Naira. And a boy wearing a suit , looking no less than a prince. He is our Kartik.
"I love you Naira. Will you be mine forever?" asked Kartik forwarding the ring.
"Yes, Kartik. I am ready to be yours forever," said Naira smiling.
Kartik slid the ring in her ring finger. Naira also slid a ring in his finger. Then they kissed each other . Then Kartik bought Naira near a lake. The lake and it's surrounding was beautiful. Kartik and Naira intertwined their hand and Naira had his head on Kartik's shoulder.
"Kartik, you know I really wanted a world like this, where I will be able to love you and no one will stop us," said Naira.
"Me too , Naira," said Kartik with a smile and then kissed her forehead. They remained in that position for a long time.
Finally they were able to be in a place where they could love.
Hi everyone! This is my first story in here . Please forgive me for spelling and other mistakes. Hope you will like it. If you like  this one give try to my other stories.You can read my other stories in wattpad. Account name : munia_rahman_


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