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Is Prom Worth It in the Long Run?

March 18, 2016

Prom is looking smoking hot getting your "grove thing" on and having a blast while doing it. Whether cost being the factor or just the thought of getting dressed up for one night and having fun with friends, all students have a different opinion on prom and how worth it prom night actually is. If a person was to ask my opinion I would say, “Yes. Prom is so worth it.”
    Most people think of prom and the cost that comes with it. A person may look at it this way: $400+ for a dress, $30+ for flowers and garter, $50+ on jewelry and shoes, $60+ for makeup, hair, nails, and not to mention the cost for supper and the professional pictures. As Michael Gonchar wrote, “I didn’t go to the prom”, and “I guess I should at least feel good about all the money I saved my family by sitting out the big night” (Gonchar). Yes, Michael saved his family some money, but he also missed out on one of the best nights in high school, which he would not know of due to the fact that he did not go. For a man, prom is not all that expensive. The only thing that a man has to get is a rented/bought tux, flowers, and supper for himself and his date. Now, for a lady it is indeed a different story. Ladies must get a dress, have their hair, makeup, and nails done, get shoes, jewelry, flowers if they choose to make them, buy pictures, and a garter. These things are all part of the prom experience and every lady wants that. My argument is that everyone wants to feel groovy for one night. 
    What many people miss out on is that there are bargains and charities everywhere to help ladies and men who cannot afford the essentials for prom. A lady can borrow a dress, rent a dress, or even buy a dress cheap. Ladies can also paint her own nails, make her own flowers and garter, do her own hair and makeup, and save money. As Gonchar also stated, “ this year, according to the credit card company Visa, prom spending will reach an average of $1,139 per family.” (Gonchar) To me, this number seems outrageous and over the top, but there are families out there who choose to spend that much on prom. Now, I come from a family with two siblings and a single mother so I know what it is like to be tight on money and not be able to spend a whole bunch of money on certain things, but my junior year of prom I spent a total of $283 total on my dress, shoes, jewelry, nails, hair and makeup, garter and professional pictures. With that being said, I felt like a million dollars on the night of my prom without spending $1,139 for one night.
    To some people prom is just like any other high school dance and a big waste of time. Wrong! Prom is another high school dance, but there is much more to it. Friends are everywhere, excitement lasts all day and night, and for grand march the whole town comes and supports everyone participating in prom. Joanne Sallay wrote, “The promise of prom and the ability to attend can brighten the life of a young person and enable them to feel special, sometimes for the very first time.” (Sallay) Reading this, I think that Sallay is right. On prom night everyone is full of happiness and love, which means that no one is left out and everyone talks to everyone. All of the students at prom dance with each other, laugh with each other, and take pictures with each other. Prom gets everyone together for just one night out of the school year and makes everyone feel accepted, and no one should miss out on such a wonderful feeling and experience.
    Putting aside the cost and the chaos, anyone who would attend prom would look back on the experience and smile. Through Joanne Sallay’s article, I think that it would give many people a different outlook on prom and the wonderful feeling it gives everyone in a community. Letting the cost of something get into the way of going to prom is a bad way to look at it for the simple fact that there are many different ways around the cost. Also thinking of prom as “just another high school dance” is just another silly thought that runs through teenagers heads. Prom will always be one of the most influential events that I have participated during my high school career, and no one will change that thought.

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