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Is the Media to Blame for Eating Disorders?

March 18, 2016

     There are many people in the world that are affected by eating disorders. We see on TV skinny, fit, beautiful, and handsome people. When we see those people, we want to look like them and be like them. Some commercials show "hot" women or "hot" men eating a huge sandwich in their workout gear and we think that we can be fit like that if we eat that product. I noticed that when I watch a TV series or a movie, the main characters are usually good looking men or women. 
    In 2013, the ratio of girls to boys with eating disorders was 32:1. The girls who had the eating disorder would say that they compared themselves to celebrities or peers. There was a case on a 15 year old girl named Tallulah Wilson who killed herself right after she wrote in her diary that she was "ugly" and "fat." There are so many young people that look at social media and think that they should start loosing weight to look like a famous person because everyone likes that person. But, what they do not realize is that everyone was made to look a certain way and they should accept who they are. We need to stop judging ourselves and comparing ourselves to other people. In reality, we are our own worst enemy. We are hard on ourselves when we should not be, we compare ourselves to people who have personal trainers and are in shape and beautiful. 
    Everyone has the thought that they should lose weight, but there are few people who say they want to be healthy. We see commercials advertising fast food and every time there are fit men or women advertising the product. We know that the food is not healthy, but we see fit people eating it and we want to look like them, so then we eat the unhealthy food. People do not understand that being healthy is more important than being skinny. 
    This world has so many beautiful people living in it. The media is showing some of the beautiful people and that makes others want to look like them and be like them. We need to learn to accept ourselves for who we are and not who we want to be. There are many lives being lost due to eating disorders and not feeling like they belong. I think that the media needs to start putting a variety of people of all shapes and sizes on the TV instead of just the small fit ones. "I've never felt that I needed to change...I've always thought, 'If you want someone different, pick someone else.'"- Melissa McCarthy. Melissa is one of the women I thought of that is a great actress and is bigger than most of the actors on TV. She thinks that size should not matter, and I agree with her. She is an example of why we need more variety on the media. If we have a variety of people that can influence us, we might have less people who think that they need to stop eating to be loved.


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