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A Long Day At School

March 18, 2016

Allie Skattum
                                                                            A Long Day At School
    There are many arguments between teachers, parents, and students about how many hours a day we can spend in a desk. Some say that school days are too short but others say that they are too long. There are ideas, suggestions, and votes on what should happen but I feel that this topic is very indecisive and may not ever change. My feelings on this topic are very clear. I feel that school days should neither become longer or shorter, but should stay the same as they are now. 
    When sitting in school all day long students probably think that the day is way too long. I myself, just like many others i'm sure, think that also, but I don’t think that school days should be shorter or longer. Going into longer school days would create many problems. Students will become tired and antsy while sitting in a desk for longer than 8 hours. Also with having longer school days the students who are in sports will have to stay later and practice or have games and this will then give them less time to do homework or study. Students today have lots of homework and are tired in the morning so adding on extra hours and taking away from that time after school will only make the matter worse.
    With taking away hours in a day we are using up time in a non useful way and will have to spread out the school year. I think that this will make many students and parents upset because you will have a shorter summer and we all know that summer is the best time of the year. Having a shorter school day will also affect the way that kids who can't drive or ride the buss get home from school. Parents who work late or can't get off work early will have a problem with how their children get home. Also with shorter school days there will be a major problem with daycares. If the children's parents cannot be home on time, there will have to be money spent on putting those kids in a daycare. I think that with having shorter school days there will be many problems that parents cannot solve and it will create more drama and stress for everyone one who is involved. 
    Jay Mathews from the Washington Post said “the research shows that extra time doesn’t help unless it is well used”. I think that this is very true because most students can’t sit through a full school day and adding more hours per day will only make this matter worse. If we are not using up the extra time then it is useless to add more hours per day. Another factor in an increase in school days is cost. For schools to increase their time by just 10%, they would need to increase their budget by 6-7% (Anderson). This means that not only will it have an effect on students outside and inside of class, it will have an effect on money issues within the school.
    Some argue that having a longer school day would help improve education. They think that the longer school days will allow for an increase in overall GPA, lead to new teaching styles, and overall improve the school. They also think that this will be better for the students, but what they don’t put into mind is the fact of after school activities, family time, sleep and the overall stress and mindset of the students. Personally for me when I don't get enough sleep and have too much homework and tests then I become too stressed out and my school work does not improve but almost gets worse.
    There are some good points and ideas about increasing the school day, but I don’t think that they consider all of the factors into what students want and need. I don’t think that this is what’s best for students, teachers, or parents. I think that our school system right now is a great one and there are factors that fit well with our schedule. We shouldn't change it but I know that it is a big factor that is being talked about all over the world. Many things can change and in the end the only thing that matters is that students are learning and having fun while doing it, like adding more computer activities to learn more about technology. Or maybe adding some new review games and activities to get the kids to be more involved. With new ideas the kids will be intrigued into learning and won't be bored while doing it. 

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