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One of the five chosen men of CW&R of the leader Ms. Sahly. Get ready to have your head ideas blown away.

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Don't let them in. Don't be fooled by the ways of the invaders.

Truth About Online Writing.

March 15, 2016

    The stories date back to ancient Babylonian times, Sharrukin the 2nd made a peace treaty with the native lifeforms. Following the agreements of the treaty the lifeforms left the earth and only remained in contact with the world leaders of today. The leaders of our country and the world have been hiding the truth from the American people, that everything they know and love is a lie. Fabricated by the corporations that are in charge of running our government, the remainder of this paper will outline exactly what happens behind closed inner dimensional doors. 
    July 1947, a small town of Roswell, New Mexico is lit up following the crash landing of a mysterious object. Townsfolk investigated the situation only to find that men in suits and big black vehicles have already quarantined the site. The only question I have for those officials of D.C. is "How did those men get there so fast?" Has no one ever wondered what the response time of an elite group of official FBI agents to a desolate isolated town? The truth that everyone is ignoring is right in front of our faces. The FBI officials that secured the site, the same ones that talked to the residents to find out information of the town were, in fact, alien visitors, camouflaged as authority figures.
    At first, I thought I was crazy, stumbling onto a truth like this, makes a man think. I had to get my facts straight, I talked with men who have worked in the offices of the invaders. I know that if I kept digging I would soon find something. Then I stumbled upon a terrifying truth. The powers that may be have guided me to an unmistakable fact, that everything on the internet is controlled and regulated by the invaders at their secret bunker headquarters. The way these things can mimic humans, how they know our thoughts can be traced back to writing prompts. They set up writing contests in order to lure unsuspecting test subjects it's genius really. What better way to learn more about a species then to set up writing contest and have them share their ideas and most inner secrets. Now they have surely realized that I am to involved, I suspect an attack on my life shortly. Stay awake keep your thoughts private that is the only way to stop them. 


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