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Violence On Low

March 18, 2016

    I live in a rural town of about 4,500. Fortunately, growing up in a small town, I have generally never had to be afraid of school shooters. In all actuality however, according to when people say “this sort of thing doesn't happen here,” they are wrong (riskology). Not only are they wrong, but they are completely wrong. Shootings are most common in towns with a population around 30,000. 62% of all mass shootings happen in towns with a population of 100,000 or less and of that 62%, 87% of shootings occur in towns with a population of 50,000. For every 10 school shootings that have occurred in the last 20 years, 9 have been in schools very similar to the one I attend.
    These statistics may be scary, but I think I may have a solution to help resolve this situation. I believe having an on campus officer at each school in the United States would greatly reduce violence in schools. According to there are many duties of a on campus officer varying from patrolling the campus, to assisting school personnel with disciplinary issues (rand). In the case of a shooting, it would be the officer's job to put a stop to it as quickly as they can and prevent as much violence as possible.
    This idea causes much controversy however. Some students may not see officers as allies and may feel mistrusted by their school and the officer. However, by putting officers on campus, this could begin a revolution. Once kids have accepted the fact that the officers are there to stay, and the tension dies down, officers will feel more welcome in the school and start to spend time and interact with the kids. The bond then between the students and the officers will grow. This will ultimately start a chain reaction and people may finally start to see cops as friends and helpers instead of enemies. Besides this revolutionary and much needed change, requiring officers on every high school campus in the United States will offer at least 37,100 jobs, because that is how many high schools there are in the States. Overall I believe that requiring every school in the United States to have an on campus officer would benefit our nation in so many ways. 

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