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stop pretending, stop caring forget everything and that is when you will truely live and the only time you will too...


March 19, 2019


i don't have much to say
so this won't take long 
but i just have to say
thank you 
for being you
for not changing
for only ever trying to see the good in all the bad i am constantly doing
yet i still want to say thank you for helping me 
you are one of the best people i know 
you have helped me make good decisions 
you look out for me
you are just there
you wait behind for me when i have detentions
you will never realise that you aren't a bad person
you just need to get out of your own head sometimes
but no matter what you are going through you always make sure your friends are okay
you never talk about your problems
but sometimes we wish you would 
for one of my newest friends, he makes school much more bearable for everyone


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