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Is Dating a Thing of the Past?

March 18, 2016

    In my opinion, I do think that dating is a thing of the past. I think that people do not take the time to get to know each other like they used to. If there is a reason of doubt that dating is a thing in the past, enough doubt that there is room for controversy, I think that romance is indeed lost. There are of course love stories that make people cry that happen today, but I think it is harder to find such love stories.
    Not everything in the early twentieth century was perfect. Both of the World Wars devastated the entire world, along with the Holocaust and an earthquake in Sicily that killed nearly 100,000 people (Ravens). However, the best part of the twentieth century was the way people treated each other. Given that there were happening civil and women’s rights movements at the time, but the 1950’s were a good example of chivalry. The boy would have to ask permission to ask the girl on a date from her father, and if the father did not approve there would be no date. The girls usually had many gentlemen that would seek their approval, and each had to prove that they were good enough for her. Even looking at the word “gentleman”, shows the kind of person the guy had to be. The boy did not stop impressing her once he got her either. The guy would always surprise his girl with flowers, gifts, and affection. Once married, the couple would raise a large family together. Even if things got difficult and money got tight, they would stay together. If something is broke, fix it, instead of getting something new.
    Today, this is not the case. Today dating is taken for granted and no one understands the mess that our generation is in. With social media, anyone can find a person that they think is attractive. Teenagers put things on the media that they want other teenagers to see, thinking that what they put on social media will show others what their life is like. Some people do use social media the right way and post things that are true to themselves, but others post statuses to seem better than others, or to prove to others that their life is great and exceptional like everyone else’s life. This may not seem like a lot of sense, but sometimes it is noticeable. If a couple posts pictures of each other every week, and others would think that they are happy and the cutest couple. With captions such as “relationship goals” or “man candy monday” the relationship may look healthy, but sometimes the relationship is not. An idea of what this could look like is each parties posting pictures of how much they love and care about each other, but in real life they could argue over little things and could overall be unhappy. Viewers only see the side that the couple wants them to see, causing an illusion that everything between the couple is fine. With so much pressure from social media to be like everyone else, some people will do whatever it takes to make it seem like their life is perfect too.
    Because of all of the pressure, some people may think that having a boyfriend or girlfriend will make them look better. With apps such as Tinder, people can direct message anyone. These kind of relationships almost never turn out, simply because most people are looking for a fling or a one night stand. This is nothing like the relationships that use to be. Girls now have to try harder that the boys to get attention, and I honestly do not think that is right. People now see dates as going to someone’s house to watch a movie or hanging out with a group of friends, something I do not see as romantic at all.
    In conclusion, I do think that dating is a thing of the past in some instances. I still see elderly people sitting in small cafes, and it warms my heart each time by looking at them. There are still some boys that are raised to properly treat a lady, but today they are getting hard to find. This does not necessarily mean that dating is a thing of the past is bad. For some people, this could actually be a good thing because this means that it may be harder to find someone worth dating, but that romance could result in a love that would last forever. I think that dating is becoming a thing of the past, but the ride of finding the person that you are meant for is worth it.
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