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Writing is a big part of me and my daily life. I want to share it with the world so I joined this website. (P.S: I like followers and to do/receive peer reviews). A INCREDIBLE PIECE:

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I wanted to try out poetry and feathers came to mind.So here is my other entry for it. I hope you enjoy!

Running from Gloomy #Feathers

June 12, 2019


I don't know what you want from me
What can I do to ease the ache
I have tried my very best
To make the pain go away

My memories of you being happy is fading
I feel like you are not staying
It is so different
Since it feels like we are not even dating

What I did made you melancholy
I tried to make things better
But you only come and go
Never fully jolly

That night I do regret
The same one I resent
Makes my heart heavy
Because you would always manifest

I will always love you
That fact is very true
But all the guilt you throw to my face
Makes it hard to be near you

Now I wrote this 
To fly away my feelings
Like a feather
Because at least you taught me one thing
To know better


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  • bride124

    Thank you @Alix Buckner! Your words are greatly appreciated.

    over 1 year ago
  • Calling4Rain

    I love this! I relate to the feelings and situations expressed here, great poem!

    over 1 year ago
  • PureHeart

    Another great entry! Next time, if I have another contest, I would prefer it if you do only one entry. But I won't dissqualify you or anything this time, and I will judge both you're entries : ) have a good day!

    over 1 year ago