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Say No to Trump

March 16, 2016

   As we know the presidential election is approaching soon in the near future. There are many potential candidates the people support and vote for. However,in my opinion there is a candidate that you definitely shouldn't vote for, and that individual is Donald Trump. Firstly, Trump doesn't know much about politics or how a government functions. Donald Trump is a businessman and has very few actual policies. In last december's presidential debate, Trump did not know what what a nuclear triad was. In November's debate Trump did not know that China wasn't a party member to the Trans-pacific partnership. The only policies he has are making America great again, building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, and sticking it to China. Politicians are always loose with their facts but Trump is a just a big liar. He has made many claims that are completely false and made up. For example, Trump was saying that muslims in New Jersey cheered on 9/11, vaccines cause autism, that president Obama was not born in the United States, and that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by China to close U.S. factories. None of these claims made by trump are facts but a bunch of baloney. Another reason Donald Trump shouldn't not be president is that he isn't very capable of even running his own business, so how is he going to run a whole country. Trump's businesses has filed for bankruptcy for a total of four times just within the last 25 years, so should we really let Trump take over to help improve the United State's economy?
    Donald Trump is an overconfident individual that spews profanity. Some of the things he has said are completely rude, inappropriate and flat out offensive. Trump has insulted women, called Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists. He calls anyone who disagrees with him a loser and has proposed the idea to register and put a tag on all muslims. To me putting a label on a certain race of people sounds something like the holocaust, just like when the Germans marked the Jewish people with the star of David. Trump calls a Donald Trump is also very inconsistent throughout his campaign. Back in 2004 Donald Trump told CNN that he would identify himself more of a democrat. Currently he identifies himself as a republican candidate, but still shows praise and support towards democratic candidates such as Hillary Clinton. You could argue that sometimes presidents have to cooperate with certain people even if they don't agree with each other. But Donald Trump has openly praised Russia's dictator leader Vladimir Putin calling him a man of respect, when Putin has invaded countries and killed many Journalists. To me Trump doesn't seem like the icon for America or the right candidate to lead America to greatness. In my opinion, Donald Trump possesses no qualities that would make him a good president, and all he does is seeks attention from the media. Donald Trump shouldn't be president because he is not fit for the job, so say no to Trump.

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