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Battle of the Sexes

March 21, 2016

    For years upon years, women have been subject to less rights than men, whether it was widely known or not. While everyone agrees that women were treated unfairly in history, the discussion is now focused on whether or not women have equal rights now. Some agree that women are still lagging, while others think we are equal.
I do believe in equal rights for men and women. I think the first step forward in ensuring equal rights for women is to educate young girls about the issues of oppression and teaching them that they are worth as much as men are and that they can do the same things men can do. Women in movies are often portrayed as housewives, dependent on the husband, and essentially helpless and needy without him. This is teaching young girls that they need a man in their life to complete them and help them be successful, which is the furthest from the truth.
    Women are often forced into marriages at young ages in third world countries against their will. They are blamed for being raped simply because of the clothes they’re wearing, giving no ownership to the rapist, essentially victim blaming. “We live in a rape culture where women are incessantly slut-shamed and frequently held responsible for their own rapes — or at the very least asked what they were doing/wearing/saying to provoke their attackers” (Enochs). Society teaches young girls that they must have the right body and right hair and right everything to be accepted and liked. Women are paid less at jobs simply because they are a woman. As stated by Elizabeth Enochs, “women in the U.S. make an average of 78 cents to their male coworker's dollar for doing the exact same job, and that pay gap gets even larger when you look at the salaries of women of color in this country” (Enochs). They are expected to be beauty over brains, instead of brains over beauty. The government tries to regulate our bodies by banning abortion and not providing birth control or other contraceptives, as if they have a place to.
    While there are issues presented like these, people also believe women don’t need to be equal. It is believed that males will always be the superior gender, and that women will always be dependent on males for money, livelihood, and happiness. There are also people that believe that male and female are now treated equal, that our age old fight is done, and we have come as far as we possibly can. They see no flaws in the system, and are content with how women are treated now.
    While people all over the world continue to fight for women, others will fight against those people who are fighting for women. Time can only tell what these fights and protests will do for women. I truly believe we still have a ways to go with gender equality, but we are closer to it than we’ve ever been before.

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