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Gymnastics is a Sport

March 17, 2016

    She stands, persecuted with pure anxiety. Her body trembles as she waits to take the floor. She is experiencing every emotion any other sports player would experience at a state tournament. Some people are determined that gymnastics isn't a sport. It is merely someones opinion to think that. In all reality, gymnastics is a sport and it over rides some sports in terms of difficulty and determination.
    Gymnastics isn't a sport that comes easy. It takes skill, determination, and time. It's just like any other sport. Other sports like cross country, track, golf, etc. takes skill. A person can't expect to go out and get a hole in one in golf if they have never learned the skills to doing so, just like a person can't expect to go and do a full bar routine that will score an 8.5 when the person has never laid hands on the uneven bars. Sports are all about learning the skills of the sport and executing them at the best of your ability. Gymnastics is just like any other sport because there are skills that are to be learned before going out and executing them.
    Some think that gymnastics is easy. Well gymnastics is far from easy. It is one of the hardest, most dangerous, and time consuming sports. A person spends practices repeating skills, bending their bodies in ways bodies aren't made to bend, and working through mental games. It can take so much time just to be able to learn one skill and be able to execute it at a competing level. You can go out and run a race in track without having much practice but you can't just go out and do a floor routine with little practice. It just doesn't work that way. This just shows people that gymnastics is tough and takes time.
    Many believe gymnastics is not a sport but no matter what, it is. Just because someone says it looks easy or that it doesn't take much to be in the sport doesn't mean it's not a sport. I am in gymnastics and deal with the difficulties of it. I have more stress with this sport than any other sport I am in. I spend so much time practicing skills and battling mental games. The skills I have learned and somewhat mastered have taken me a long time to master. Gymnastics is a sport and doesn't deserve to be criticized otherwise.


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