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the beauty in me

By: leonardohinnant

PROMPT: Self-Respect

everyday we go outside
we see people
we see faces
we see personalities
we see souls
we see these things
and we think they are beautiful

but often times
when we return home
and look in the mirror
and can't find the beauty
in ourselves
but it's important
to find that beauty
we see in others
in ourselves

i often find peace
in the fact that i find beauty in others
recognizing that humans are full of strengths and weaknesses
and so am i
we are all human
which, despite all, makes us beautiful

i am amazing
because i find beauty in things
others can't 

i am beautiful
because i am fearlessly myself
in despite of tribulation

i am strong
because i help others
even when it's hard to help myself

i am talented
because i improve through the arts
and help others through my progress

i am alive
i am breathing
despite the trials the world has put me through
i am selfless
and i love unconditionally
i find beauty in the world and in others
and i'm starting to find the beauty within myself

Peer Review

The part where the author states "we are all human which, despite all, makes us beautiful

Where did you get the idea to write this?

Reviewer Comments

I really like this; it moved me.