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Funding Planned Parenthood

March 18, 2016

    Thousands of babies are born each day. Many of these children are welcomed by families that have been preparing for their child for months, but sometimes individuals are not ready to care for their child. Maybe a woman was not properly educated on pregnancy prevention, and acquired the responsibility of a new child without really knowing how to take care of the baby. This can lead to multiple problems, many of which could have been avoided if the mother of the child had received education on safe sex, abortion, and proper child care. Planned Parenthood funds these types of education, leading many people to become more aware of the risks of unprotected sex and other issues. The government has been funding Planned Parenthood so that all that certain healthcare procedures can be performed and be affordable. Planned Parenthood is very beneficial in providing education and other support for new mothers, should the government be able to take away funding to provide this support?
            Only a small portion of the money Planned Parenthood receives from the government is used on abortion, in fact a recent statistic show only 3% of the money is spent of abortion. The majority of the money is spent of STI/STD testing and treatments, contraceptives, and cancer screening and prevention (Ross). Many of the people against the funding of Planned Parenthood because they are against abortion. These people believe it is promoting abortion by making it affordable and easy to find somewhere for the procedure to be done. In reality not much of the funding is used on abortion it is used important thing that are needed.
    The individuals most likely to be affected by Planned Parenthood are young adults that want to get contraception like birth control or testing for STIs done for an affordable price. Some individuals might be adults with low income that do not have enough money to receive the medical help somewhere else. Others may be seeking to find somewhere to have an abortion. If Planned Parenthood was not funded none of these people would be able to get what they are searching for when they so to a Planned Parenthood facility. This is a reason why it is important for the government to continue to fund Planned Parenthood.
    The government should continue to fund the Planned Parenthood organization. There are a lot of important things that Planned Parenthood does to help improve the United States that needs to continue, like sex education, and affordable healthcare. I think these things are essential. It is doing a lot more good than bad in our government today. I think the people who want to defund Planned Parenthood do not look at the whole picture and what would all be affected by no longer funding it. I believe they are stuck on one thing they do not like, in most cases, abortion. They need to look past it and see all the important things Planned Parenthood does in our country.

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