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This is for a school assignment, Not looking for much feedback.

The Death Penelty

March 15, 2016

    Death is a difficult subject for many, Even more so when its up to someone els wether you die or not. The question that always comes up is "Is it really up to us to decide who lives or who dies?" My opinion is absolutely no, it is not up to us. Death should not be a decision made by a jury and judge. The act of taking someones life is it self a felony, our system punishes law breaking with more law breaking? I don't believe there is a fine line of when taking someones life is "ok". Since 1976, 1,403 people have been executed by the state and a total of 2943 are waiting on death row. Not to mention the percent of those numbers who were wrongly accused. But for the others, the real "bad guys", people would argue that for people who murder, rape,or do other vicious crimes deserve to die. Most people are terrified of death and who wouldn't be? But look at it from the perpective of a criminal on death row, Death is almost a get out of jail free card. Would you rather be in prison for the rest of your life? Possibly alone, cold, and hungry locked in a small dark room? Or would you rather have a quick death and that be the end of that. I've never had to experience a situation where a person as wronged me so much I'd wish them dead but if I did I wouldn't want to know that they died and won't have to deal with there punishment. I'd want to see who ever it was waste away in jail with the knowledge that I'm out in there world and their not. 

    Lets look at this now from a different perspective, What if a child of yours gets the death penalty? or a friend or family member, What if instead of them being evil they are sick? Instead of killing such a great number of people how about finding some physic wards, institutions that try more on helping the person get better. Some criminals deserve nothing and should rot away in prison, And thats exactly it! I feel it is more of a punishment to watch yourself and your life disintagrate away rather then the quick and possibly blissful escape of death. Death Is like revenge, It seems like a good idea at first, makes you feel better, but once its happened you realize your not satisfied and the loved one you lost or what the criminal did to you still happened.A pole taken in 2010 by Lake researchers partners found a clear majority of voters (61%) c\would chose a different punishment then the death penalty, 39% voted for life without parol plus restitution. Killing this criminal on death row being killed won't change what has already happened. Its true there are some people who can't be helped or can't learn or see their mistakes, For those people I say there are definitely more worse punishments then Death row.



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