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Hey everyone! I would really appreciate some constructive criticism. I struggle a lot with grammar. I would love to gain feedback about how I could improve this... thanks! From a girl you don't know!

My Measures of Self Worth

March 19, 2019

PROMPT: Self-Respect

These are big, possibly existential fingernail biting concepts to consider. How do I measure my self-worth in five points? Do I know myself enough to know what I value within myself? It's something which I have deeply thought about. 

1. Honesty not only with myself but with others. This is an internal view and something that is one of the primary influences in my decision making. If I'm not honest with myself, I will never live authentically. 

2. Keeping my drive. This is without a doubt internal, my almost stubborn refusal to give up. This self-motivated drive I believe, is door-opening.

3. My desire to share love and positivity. This is an external measure which feeds into my personal and impersonal relationships. 

4. I want to save everyone, even though I know I can't. I don't think this can be catergorized as either external or internal because I think it treads on a tightrope between the two. It's internal because I am motivated to help others and it's external because the impetus springboards from an external source. I know I can't be everyone's hero, but at least I can be my own. 

5. Music. External. Dare I need to say more? It feeds into my soul and fills the emptiness. It fills my cup. 


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