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The Mountain of Dreams

By: Theresa Mays


The light gray sky is a backdrop for the fluffy snow floating down
The delicate flakes in their sheer blue complexity make my heart yearn for spring
The overcast sky brings back memories of my best friend
Whose favorite things were to dance in the rain
And sing to the sky
I just remembered the first time I truly left home
My best friends tears when we sang the song
The beautiful flurries of blue in the cloud dusted sky
I wish I could go home
I was always proud of my home
My lucky charm
A turtle necklace that sits in my guitar case
 From my best friend
Who always called me Turtle
I love when the light hits the mountains of home
And create their beautiful blue-tinged shadows
The mountains are my home

Message to Readers

My life has changed so much since I first started writing. Sometimes I want to give up. Anyone else?

Peer Review

I know it's not one line, but; "My lucky charm A turtle necklace that sits in my guitar case From my best friend Who always called me Turtle" Really beautiful!

Happiness tinged with a tad of sad. Yearning.

No questions. Just a statement: You are AMAZING at this!

Reviewer Comments

Truly beautiful! You a very talented writer that I hope to continue reading from. Keep going—never give up!