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You don't start out writing good stuff. You start with writing trash, and thinking its good stuff, and you keep writing until it actually becomes good stuff.
Persistence is key.
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March 18, 2019

    Who are we? What defines who we are? Most of the time, it is our age, our school, our jobs(if applicable), and sometimes even our nationality. Sure, we don't introduce ourselves be saying, "Hi, I'm Vrishab, and I am Indian", but if you think about it, our nationality plays a big part in our identity. It decides what we eat, how we talk, what we look like, and sometimes even who we are acquainted with. This is how big nationality is.
    Nationality is, not surprisingly, one of the biggest causes of discrimination. You could be discriminated based on anything, but how many people have you seen, discriminated because they are vegetarian. Now, compare that to the number of people discriminated because they have a different skin color, and you will see what I mean. This is because of a fear, a fear that most people have and very few know it, a fear of different people, also known as Xenophobia. This fear can cause arguments, fights, and sometimes even wars(take world war 2 as an example). Even our president, Donald Trump, has xenophobia. I know no one is perfect, but I also know that this fear can be fixed with a lot of love, and maybe a tad bit of hate.
    Love and hate are two opposite ideas that can form very easily in a human mind. Love is generally depicted as a force of good, and the force that puts everything right(look at the movie frozen), while hate is the Thanos of emotions. By that I mean, it makes you do things that are right to you, but no so right to the rest of the world. I am going to tell you a short but real story about how a little bit of hate, can be almost as strong as the "power of love" when it comes to fighting back against discrimination. All names have been changed to provide confidentiality to all concerned parties.

    There was once a kid called Pablo. He was what people called "a typical mexican". He walked, talked, and ate "like a mexican". His nickname was literally "Mexican Kid". He was absolutely fine with this, but not so fine with the side effects that came with it.
    One day, Pablo brought his Mexican Action Figures from home for show and tell. He was in the middle of presenting, when people had started to laugh at his "dolls", and how mexicans were "girly"(no offence to any girls). He tried to ignore it, but during recess, the class bully, Rob, decided to show Pablo how idiotic his action figures were.
    Rob walked up to Pablo's log, where he played every day during recess, and ripped the arm straight of one of his action figures. Some people laughed when they saw this scene, but not everyone playing near the log was happy. One of Pablo's friends decided to bite Rob's hand as revenge for "hurting the action figure". Pablo's friend was sent to the office, only to come back with a lollipop, and Rob never tried to discriminate anyone again.

    Now, I am not telling you to bite someone's arm if you see them discriminating someone, because most of the time, it does not end with a lollipop. Instead, I am telling you to be an upstander, no matter how you do it. If everyone acts as an upstander, and includes people of all nationalities, slowly but surely, Xenophobia will be eradicated. Being an upstander comes in many forms. Speaking out, standing up for people in need, and even through the medium I am using now. Writing.
    I hope you liked my piece, and that you will heed its message. The last thing that I have to say is, while paying attention to respecting other people's identities, make sure that you don't forget yours.



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  • VrishiFishi

    @spearmint Got it! Keep on writing!

    about 2 years ago
  • spearmint

    I’m not actually giving up writing; I’m just leaving WtW. I use another website called Prose (theprose.com) and my username is the same if you ever decide to check it out. I don’t know if the results are out yet, but if not, good luck on the competition. Excellent message you deliver here!!

    about 2 years ago
  • VrishiFishi

    @Opal Drop Thank you so much for the encouragement!!

    over 2 years ago
  • Opal Drop

    This is great!
    Really well done, the message you are trying to send is so powerful, especially at the end.

    over 2 years ago