Theresa Mays

United States

I am a very shy, but outgoing teenager. I write because I don't talk well to others. This is my outlet for my depression.

Message from Writer

I'm lonely and sad. I write through the pain. I'm one of those girls others say are insane. If you understand then please, tell me. I need a friend

Canon In Love Major

March 10, 2016

PROMPT: Flashlight


Who are you
My secret admirer
Well you’re not as secret
As you think
You talk to me
You torment me
But it’s obvious
To anyone who sees
I may not know your name
And you don’t know mine
But we go together like
Rhythm and time
Ebony, Ivory
Make up the keys
Of the piano we play
Just you and me
I’m teaching you
You’re teaching me
My little secret
I wish we could be
More than this
More than that
More than smiles
At each-other’s backs
Classical piano
Classical harp
We’re meant to be together
 And never apart
Listening, waiting
For our music to combine
Waiting for the day
You will finally be mine
Who are you
My secret admirer
Well just maybe I
Admire you


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