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A Choice Not a Crime

March 18, 2019

    Some people say it’s murder and some say it’s saving a life. Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in the world and there are many countries who still haven’t decided if abortion is a crime. Different countries around the world have legalized abortion, while others continue to dub it unlawful. Despite the procedure being completely illegal in some places, many countries still allow it. However, there are many laws that limit the number  of abortions allowed and that make it illegal altogether once a woman reaches her second or third trimester. In my opinion, these laws dehumanize women and take the joy out of being pregnant. Pregnancy is a choice and becoming a parent should also be a decision taken with complete awareness of what it entails as a lifetime commitment. Abortions should be legalized in all countries as a choice that the woman is allowed to make for themselves and their bodies.
    Essentially, there are many reasons why a woman would want an abortion and why I support it. First of all, abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. Most countries permit abortions when the woman and the baby’s mental or physical health is at risk. Many women around the world suffer great pain from being pregnant and sometimes the only way to avoid fatal consequences is by having an abortion. Other women decide to get an abortion when extreme genetic disorders are already present in the fetus and the baby would not be able to live a healthy and normal life. Moreover, women who have mental disabilities are incapable of raising a child due to physiological reasons can terminate their pregnancies Also, pregnancies resulting in rape are usually permitted to be aborted. According to The Global Library of Women’s Medicine, fourteen percent of the world’s countries permit abortion only for these reasons.
    In addition to physical and mental reasons allowing abortions, there are several other reasons why I  and millions of people support abortion. There are many social and economic reasons for women to terminate their pregnancies. Unwanted pregnancy or pregnancy at a young age are some of the cases were women should be given the right to get an abortion. Likewise, some women don’t want to have their baby because they aren’t prepared financially, whether it is because of poverty or substandard housing. According to, The Global Library for Women’s medicine, twenty-two percent of the world allow abortions for socioeconomic reasons. Furthermore, thirty-nine percent of the countries of the world allow abortions without having to specify a reason.
    In contrast to allowing abortions, there are many people and countries that are completely against abortions. A shocking twenty-six percent of the world’s population live in countries where abortions are completely prohibited without any exceptions. One of the reasons why countries don’t support abortion is because they actually think that abortions take away women’s rights. Some people think of abortion as a way to get out of catering for women’s needs and providing them with the resources and tools to raise a child. Feminists claim that what women need for equality is to be given what they need to survive as a mother. Feminists also claim that abortion disregards other important issues regarding women’s rights. Opponents of abortion believe that abortion becomes a solution for irresponsible sexual intercourse and promotes rape. They argue that men and rapists see the risk of pregnancy as a reason to decrease the amount of intercourse they have. However, knowing that they have the option of abortion they increase the amount of sexual activity, and for rapists the amount of victims. Besides all these reasons, many muslim countries are anti-abortion because of religious beliefs. In Islam, people say that it is sinful to terminate a woman’s pregnancy no matter what.
    Despite there being many good reasons against abortion, I still support the procedure. Women should be allowed the choice of getting pregnant, raising a child, and the partner with whom they would raise that child. Even though unwanted pregnancies seem like an irresponsible reason for a woman to terminate her pregnancy, it takes a lot of courage to ask for an abortion. When a woman knows that she will not be able to provide her child with the life they deserve and asks for an abortion, it shows responsibility. Abortion,  is not an easy thing for a woman and giving up a child, even if it is still a fetus, is one of the hardest decisions a woman may have to make. However, having the courage to terminate a pregnancy over bringing a child to the world who is likely to suffer financially and emotionally is both wise and mature. When it comes to rape and health, it is unquestionably the woman’s right to get an abortion because the pregnancy didn’t result in a decision she had made. I encourage every person to Google their country’s status on abortion. If you don’t like what you see don’t stay silent! Stand up, speak up, whether by peacefully protesting or through advocating for change to support women’s right to abortion. Abortion should be viewed as a right and most certainly not as a crime.


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