March 18, 2019




“sweet little girl,”
they say;
“innocent and pure.”

they call you
It means exactly what they think.

“stay, listen, listen, listen,” says Mother.
listen little girl, listen to your mother
“listen, stay, stay, stay,” says Mother
stay here Kore, stay put right here

But no, mother -
You will not listen,
little girl,
and you will not stay put,
right here.
- no, not today.

You rip the earth apart;
dirty hands, hurried breaths -
and you destroy and hurt;
bloody fingers, sweaty forehead.

You rip the heart apart and you
down to the Underworld.

You take Hades’ throne and proclaim yourself
Persephone -
destroyer of worlds, bringer of darkness,
( queen, queen, queen, queen, queen, queen, queen, queen )
Queen of the Dead.

The pomegranate seeds glitter red as blood,
black as the darkest nights
and shine,
with the cold cold cruelty of your smile.

They taste of death
other things;
freedom, chaos, blood and that
sour, sour, sweetness.

You are no longer
(silly little girl)
you are Persephone,
(queen of the dead)
a queen, a goddess; immortal, golden blood, cruel smile, kind eyes -
a paradox even:
goddess of all things growing
queen of all things dead.

Now they shall tremble in fear -
cower, hide, worship
in your divine glory.

Persephone -
destroyer of worlds, bringer of darkness
( queen, queen, queen, queen, queen, queen, queen, queen )
Queen of the Dead.



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  • Mr. Colin E.

    Oh dear God, I swear I love Persephone! She's really a goddess of transformation; She goes from Kore,a lame and innocent girl who has to listen to her nagging mom all day to Persephone, the almighty and powerful Queen of the Dead who become the true love of Hades, the loneliest god in the universe. This is an amazing poem, loved it!

    over 2 years ago
  • Johanna

    This. Is. MIND BLOWING.

    over 2 years ago
  • RavensInkWrites

    Such amazing narration! Your words seem to tell the story in such a lovely way and I really felt the emotion :)

    over 2 years ago