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A Kiss and a Promise

March 17, 2019


He loves me. He loves me not. 
   I plucked each pure white daisy petal from the yellow nectar center, frowning the whole time. Last one. He loves me. 
Dumb flower. I watched it fall to the grass in disgust. It was about as good as a fortune cookie.    
   Well I have no boyfriend, so how can he love me? I dusted my hands of the dry, crumbly dirt of the church lawn, and pushed myself to my feet. 
   Usually I would be skipping and quite possibly dancing in circles beneath the mid-summer clear blue sky, but that Sunday my legs felt like lead. My heart weighed a ton, shadows lurked in my brain, and yeah, I was majorly depressed. 
No boyfriend, no job, no college plans, and no friends. What a life. Guiltily, my brain reminded me of my best friend, Joan, who was sick that day. Fine, fine. I have friends. Just. Not right now. 
   Yes, I was sinking into a "self-pity" pit faster than quicksand, but worst thing was that I didn't especially care. 
I was just hungry to have someone want me. To want me the way I was. Not how they pictured 'the perfect Christian teenager'. 
   I sifted a fistful of my titanium blue-tipped brown hair through my fingers, and huffed my fluffy bangs away from my sweaty forehead. Because stereotypical, I most certainly am not. Thank goodness. The one thing I disliked more than not being wanted was stereotypes. 
   I was an against-the-flow, stand-out, be-yourself kind of girl. 
And also, I didn't pay very close attention to where I was walking, because I collided into someone as I stormed around a corner. 
"Oh!" My hazel eyes widened and red spurted across my cheeks in embarrassment. "Sorry."
   Jefferson Perrely reacted similarly, but I was certain he looked much cuter than I did doing it. "No, that was my fault, Hayley, sorry." 
"It's okay." I muttered, attempting to dodge around him to escape any further discomfort. 
   "By the way," his voice drifted over my shoulder. I froze and tipped my head in his direction. "Great job on the piano today. I could never do improvisation like you can." 
Quick, Hayley! Abort, abort! I ignored the advice of my conscience and smiled at Jefferson. "Thanks. It's not as hard as you might think. Just takes some practice." 
   "I'll bet. I mean, I won't, really. Betting is bad. But I'm sure it does." A grin peeped from the corners of his mouth and a giggle burst from my own lips. 
My brain was silent for a full second as though horrified. Then very calmly: Turn and walk away before you make a bigger fool out of yourself. 
But my mouth was in no mood to listen to wise council. "Right. You're smart." Yeah, and you're a moron. Now move it! 
   "You look really nice today." Jefferson seemed in no hurry to leave. 
Say something! "Oh, okay." Try again. "Thanks." I was sure my lungs were deflating. I decided that I needed to take a 'Breathing Under Stress 101' class. 
   Jefferson sucked in a breath. "Okay, I'm done. This is killing me." 
I watched in muted horror as he took hold of my right hand and gently pulled me back into the shadow of the building. 
"What's wrong?" My mind was mercifully silent, but I'm sure my bewildered emotions showed on my face. 
   "What's wrong is that I've wanted to do this since last summer when you were serving ice-cream at the Johnson's volleyball party." Jefferson's voice had softened considerably, and my breath stopped in my throat. 
I couldn't speak. Do what? But I knew. Deep down I knew. 
   Then he leaned down and kissed me. 
I'd always imagined kisses in my head. The romantic ones that go on and on and on. Where time seems to stop and blue birds are circling overhead in a heart-shape. The sappy kind. 
   But this was different somehow.
Yes, time slowed, but this was a light, sweet, teenage kiss. Inexperienced. Fresh. Innocent. 
   Of course, I was thinking about nothing while his lips touched mine. 
Then he pulled away. Hesitantly, I thought. 
"All because I gave you some ice-cream?" The words came out as shaky as my smile.
   Jefferson chuckled. "Maybe a little bit." 
   "Sorry." He raked a hand through his dark brown hair. "Your brothers would probably kill me if they knew I did that. I shouldn't have."
"I won't tell them." A sheepish grin lifted my cheeks. "Pinky promise." I crooked my little finger toward him. It trembled the tiniest bit.
   Jefferson stared at it for a few seconds and I felt like a complete idiot. My face flamed. 
Then he curled his own pinky around mine and planted an impish smirk on his face. "Pinky promise." 


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  • Opal Drop

    Wow.. So beautifully written. That little sprinkle of suspense in the middle, really well done!

    11 months ago