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I Too Have a Dream

March 17, 2019

So I have written about this in the Strike prompt as well, but briefly. I would like to give the whole country education. It is one of my wishes that all the citizens of my country, be it a billionaire, or a farmer, to be educated. I go to school and I know how important it is to get an education. Education has helped me realise what my dream is and has given me a platform to achieve it. There is a slum area near to where I live and I see how hard working the people who live there are. But as soon as someone talks about education or school, most of them have not attended it or are not interested. Some children who want to study and be something are restricted from going to school because their parents think that it is a waste of time and they are better off helping their parents. While some children are given a chance to go to school, but they do not want to go. Their parents do not encourage them well enough and instead of boosting their confidence, they let them sit at home doing nothing.

It breaks my heart to see so many people uneducated and roaming around in the streets, aimlessly. They do not have a goal and take part in harmful activities like excessive drinking because of this. If each individual of our country is educated, not only will they benefit, but the country as well. The country's economy is highly dependent upon it's citizens and their education. Those who are educated are an asset and those who aren't become a liability.

A practical example of the benefits of education is me knowing the above statement. I would not have known what is an asset or what is a liability had I not gone to school and attended the lecture. I found my passion and dream at school just by doing activities everyone did. I found that I was interested in writing and I found these platforms to publish it. But, if I had not gone to school, I would not have known that. I feel miserable knowing that there are some people in this world who wanted to go to school and pursue their dreams, but they couldn't due to their circumstances. The Government of India did implement some schemes for this purpose and they did make a difference, but there are still millions of people in this country who are illiterate. Sometimes the government did not follow the schemes properly and mixed them up, other times they were not spread to all parts of the country, like the remote parts.

A big part of why the children are educated or not is played by the parents. If the parents are themselves educated, they will educate their children because they know the importance education has played in their life, and this leads to a virtuous cycle. Whereas, if the parents are themselves uneducated, they will most probably not know the benefits of education and my not admit their child into school, thus creating a vicious cycle.

Almost everyone has a phone or a laptop in their household these days and if the parents cannot afford schooling of their children, they can join online schools and help in the betterment of their country's economy. But for this, the government will have to spread awareness even more and in the remote parts of the world. The citizens who can afford education can also sponsor one child who cannot. If not that, then we should encourage people near us to educate their children, for example the domestic help, car washers, etc. As citizens, we are equally responsible for our country's economy and should take steps for the betterment of the same.


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