A Breath Into Silence

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It's translated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is actually Part 3 of the series, but I posted it after Part 4 ............

Somewhere in the Solar System, Pluto mourns ----- the words we want to say will not allow themselves past our throats [TRANSLATED]

April 19, 2019


Dear Evan,

Sorry, but my phone is dead and it is the middle of the night and I was looking up at the night sky and I just could not help myself. Because do you see that sky? The Milky Way is spread out before our small insignificant town, each star glowing with its own light. It felt magical, Evan, it really did. 

Sometimes I wish I could freeze time and just share these magical moments with you.

I know why you sent me that first ciphered note, even though you have always been too shy to admit it outright. It happens to be the same reason why I am writing this note now, staring at the night sky. There is something in this world that is wonderful and amazing and sometimes you just need somebody to share it with. 

There is something special about the act of putting pen to paper and just letting yourself bleed out until all the words you want to say have been said. I feel like that is a quote. Is that a quote? Midnight is not a good time to remember things. 

I have been thinking a lot recently, and I know you always make fun of me for thinking so much, but I still cannot help myself. And I have been thinking about things that have been weighing on me for a very, very long time. 

Four years ago when you sent me that first note, it was about Pluto, right? You asked me if I thought Pluto was always sad, being cast out of the planetary order and living on the fringe of our telescopes. And I never answered you, because I could never figure out what to say.

No, that was a lie. I knew my answer, but I was a coward; I never told you. My answer would have broken your heart. But I think my silence did, too.

Somewhere in the solar system, Pluto is crying. Pluto is crying because I am too big of a coward. Pluto is crying because here I am, staring at the Milky Way alone. Pluto is crying because it has been cast out of the place it thought it belonged. Pluto is crying, and I know why because I am right there with it. 

But even so, without an explanation, Pluto continues forward. Because Pluto is strong.

Evan, I am still too shy to say what I want to. But on nights like tonight, looking at the stars, I want to believe that can change. I want to believe I can become strong.

.........But for right now, I am still a coward. I will never ever send you this letter.

In the trash it goes. Just like all of its predecessors, over the years.

Will I ever answer your question? Do you even remember anymore?

The third part of the series, translated! I posted this ages ago in a ciphered format, and I promised I would publish a translated version and then I changed my mind.... but then I decided to publish this anyways! (Sorry this took so long!) If you guys want the key to the cipher, feel free to ask.

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