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Message to Readers

Thanks for reading my piece! It's a weird one, this time: a ciphered letter. I'll probably release the keyword in a week..... :)

Somewhere in the Solar System, Pluto mourns ----- the words we want to say get stuck in our throats

March 18, 2019


[existing in the bottom of a trash bin, crumpled severely, is this letter. There is no specified date]

Topn Ovpi,

Qjnny, lsr hy kcjio dq topt pit dr dq rco hdttgo ja rco idbcr pit D wpq gjjfdib sk pr rco idbcr qfy pit D esqr ujsgt ijr cogk hyqoga. Loupsqo tj yjs qoo rcpr qfy? Rco Hdgfy Wpy dq qknopt jsr loajno jsn qhpgg diqdbidadupir rjwi, opuc qrpn bgjwdib wdrc drq jwi gdbcr. Dr aogr hpbdupg, Ovpi, dr nopggy tdt. 

Qjhordhoq D wdqc D ujsgt anoozo rdho pit esqr qcpno rcoqo hpbdupg hjhoirq wdrc yjs.

D fijw wcy yjs qoir ho rcpr adnqr udkconot ijro, ovoi rcjsbc yjs cpvo pgwpyq looi rjj qcy rj pthdr dr jsrndbcr. Dr cpkkoiq rj lo rco qpho nopqji wcy D ph wndrdib rcdq ijro ijw, qrpndib pr rco idbcr qfy. Rcono dq qjhorcdib di rcdq wjngt rcpr dq wjitonasg pit phpzdib pit qjhordhoq yjs esqr ioot qjholjty rj qcpno dr wdrc. 

Rcono dq qjhorcdib qkoudpg pljsr rco pur ja ksrrdib koi rj kpkon pit esqr gorrdib yjsnqoga lgoot jsr sirdg pgg rco wjntq yjs wpir rj qpy cpvo looi qpdt. D aoog gdfo rcpr dq p msjro. Dq rcpr p msjro? Hdtidbcr dq ijr p bjjt rdho rj nohohlon rcdibq. 

D cpvo looi rcdifdib p gjr nouoirgy, pit D fijw yjs pgwpyq hpfo asi ja ho ajn rcdifdib qj hsuc, lsr D qrdgg upiijr cogk hyqoga. Pit D cpvo looi rcdifdib pljsr rcdibq rcpr cpvo looi wodbcdib ji ho ajn p vony, vony gjib rdho. 

Ajsn yopnq pbj wcoi yjs qoir ho rcpr adnqr ijro, dr wpq pljsr Kgsrj, ndbcr? Yjs pqfot ho da D rcjsbcr Kgsrj wpq pgwpyq qpt, lodib upqr jsr ja rco kgpiorpny jnton pit gdvdib ji rco andibo ja jsn rogoqujkoq. Pit D iovon piqwonot yjs, loupsqo D ujsgt iovon adbsno jsr wcpr rj qpy.

Ij, rcpr wpq p gdo. D fiow hy piqwon, lsr D wpq p ujwpnt; D iovon rjgt yjs. Hy piqwon wjsgt cpvo lnjfoi yjsn copnr. Lsr D rcdif hy qdgoiuo tdt, rjj.

Qjhowcono di rco qjgpn qyqroh, Kgsrj dq unydib. Kgsrj dq unydib loupsqo D ph rjj ldb ja p ujwpnt. Kgsrj dq unydib loupsqo cono D ph, qrpndib pr rco Hdgfy Wpy pgjio. Kgsrj dq unydib loupsqo dr cpq looi upqr jsr ja rco kgpuo dr rcjsbcr dr logjibot. Kgsrj dq unydib, pit D fijw wcy loupsqo D ph ndbcr rcono wdrc dr. 

Lsr ovoi qj, wdrcjsr pi oxkgpiprdji, Kgsrj ujirdisoq ajnwpnt. Loupsqo Kgsrj dq qrnjib.

Ovpi, D ph qrdgg rjj qcy rj qpy wcpr D wpir rj. Lsr ji idbcrq gdfo rjidbcr, gjjfdib pr rco qrpnq, D wpir rj logdovo rcpr upi ucpibo. D wpir rj logdovo D upi loujho qrnjib.

.........Lsr ajn ndbcr ijw, D ph qrdgg p ujwpnt. D wdgg iovon ovon qoit yjs rcdq gorron.

Di rco rnpqc dr bjoq. Esqr gdfo pgg ja drq knotouoqqjnq, jvon rco yopnq.

Wdgg D ovon piqwon yjsn msoqrdji? Tj yjs ovoi nohohlon piyhjno?

Yeah, I know. They just keep multiplying. Here's the previous parts, and an explanation for why you can't read this piece.
Part 1: It turns out Saturn is beautiful after all ----- but I've run out of words to describe it
Part 2: Mercury burns brightest in the night sky ----- you told me it would be so

EXPLANATION TIME: This piece is written in the "keyword cipher". It's where a certain keyword is put at the beginning of an alphabet, with the rest of the alphabet following after. You simply exclude the letters of the keyword from the rest of the alphabet, and match the alphabets up.

        My explanation is bad. Here's the cipher in action, using the keyword "waffles"
        So if I wanted to write "Hello" in this code, it would be "ceiim".

The reason I used a ciphered letter is because I found it interesting and because it fits the storyline of this series. Ash and Evan DO send each other letters like this.

You're all going to hate me but I won't directly give you the key to this cipher. It's in the title, and I didn't make it hard.

[I'll give you more hints if you ask. I just don't want to ruin the fun for people who love puzzles ;) ]


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  • A Breath Into Silence

    @Lovegood_24 Well, I did indeed write a fourth piece! It's about Neptune. There's also a fifth piece about Jupiter (5/9 written already?! Time's flying!).

    It makes me really happy to know that people enjoy this (loose) series! I love telling stories that people want to read (that sounds really corny, I know).

    about 1 year ago
  • Lovegood_24

    This is so cool! Also I read your other pieces and if you write a fourth continuation I’ll be looking foward to it!!

    about 1 year ago
  • A Breath Into Silence

    I also published a translated version!!! So if you just want the letter with no cipher, I'd recommend going there

    about 1 year ago
  • Juliana

    I didn’t understand that at all, but kudos to ya’ll who are trying

    about 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Trying..... :)

    over 1 year ago
  • Natashia Grace

    Oh god. Guess we all know what I'm going to be doing for the next month.

    over 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Man! This is going to be a tough solve!! I'll probably be trying though...... :)

    over 1 year ago
  • Johanna

    I love puzzles!! Though this one is going to take a long time...

    over 1 year ago