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a list to myself, but i suppose you can read it

March 16, 2019

PROMPT: Self-Respect

1. Let your hair by frizzy and out of control. It is the sign of a night well slept, full of dreams with wings that built nests on your head. Let your hair be chaotic because it frames your face like a lion's mane, wild and bold. It is a reminder of the fierceness that you carry. 

2. Raise your hand in class. Do it because you know the answer, because you not just prove to others that you are smart, but you prove it to yourself. Raise your hand because it shows you that all the notetaking paid off and that you are confident enough to participate. 

3. Disagree about something stupid. Dig your heels for no other reason then to see that you will not fall over. Apologize later sure, but see that you have a voice, one that sings with angels and burns like hell. 

4. Read the book. Fall asleep knowing that there is a cliffhanger to wake up to in the morning, something to grab onto and get you out of bed. Read the book because you can escape into someone else's life and suffer no consequences. 

5. Hug an old stuffed animal, the one you have had since you were two weeks old. Sure, you might be too old for it. You know that in your head, but do not think you must always forget the past to move foward. Remember your childhood innocence and wonder because it is what brought you to "now".

I measure myself in my appearance, in my personailty, in my hobbies. I measure my past. I measure my future. 

I try to just measure my "now."


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  • Dummie

    i do #5 all the time... and #1 is my daily life... girl i feel ya. this, in reference to your bio, is hella awesome.

    almost 2 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    This is a great list! I especially love #1. ;)

    almost 2 years ago
  • Kahasai

    This is a good list that's also well said. I'll keep this in mind.

    almost 2 years ago