I love reading books and writing. I am 15 years old and obsessed with Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes (both books and series), Twilight and Divergent. Also, music is life!

Message to Readers

This is an improved version of the poem I published earlier (or so I think). Please let me know if I can improve this in some way. Also thankyou clos for writing a review on this. I hope I have described better than last time. Please let me know.

Holi- The festival of colours

March 20, 2019


The festival of colours is approaching nearer, 
Everything clean like a spick and span mirror,
Rangoli designing competitions ready to announce their winner,
Excitement eating me up like in a thriller.

Happiness bubbling up inside,
Guests start arriving from worldwide, 
Vendors selling colours filled with pride,
Preparation of hot gujjiyas goes on side by side.

Water balloons thrown from high buildings,
Kids playing pranks on younger siblings,
So much water feels like swimming,
But then we remember this is just the beginning.

Clothes and shoes all a mess,
All go home and bathe to remove the excess,
The water is a colour no one can guess,
Nonetheless, we all put on our fancy dress.

Feeling all fresh again after cleaning,
People assemble yet again with their smiles beaming,
Everyone is excited for eating,
Steaming hot puri, halwa and gujjiya is what everyone is dreaming.

At the day end all enjoy and have a blast,
No one seems downcast,
All inhibitions and doubts left in the past,
That's when I realise time goes by so fast.



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