March 15, 2019

PROMPT: Love in Words

Dear Motherland,

"Good night, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be morrow."

I've forever been on the lookout for skyscrapers
that kiss the starless sky,
and the busy streets and posh cars, a sight
that I dreamed of waking to.

I've always been on the hunt for a
modernized place to call home;
a place where everyone is a nameless,
faceless soul, hypnotically swimming
through the never-ending oceans
of time.

Good night, good night.

I bid a bittersweet farewell to
the sun-kissed fields that we ran in,
and the starry night sky we gazed at in wonder
before falling onto a mattress lain on the floor
and inviting slumber.

I say goodbye to the people I've always known
hours that flew as we gossiped while kneading bread,
tinkling laughter as we talked under the shade of a banyan tree,
imaging life in the city that lay out of reach then.

Good night, good night.

Dear Motherland,

here, where skyscrapers kiss a cloudless sky,
and no one talks to anyone.
Where eateries sell greasy meals and cold
soda, and the nostalgia of our home-cooked
bread and sweet tea engulfs me

I know I have to live on,
for this is the life I've chosen
Sometimes, I see from across the river,
my hometown, so out of reach now.

Good night, good night.

There's nothing I can do,
but laugh over tales that my family from the other side
recites, and
write a love letter, to the place I so dearly

Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I feel
the green, long grass of the vast fields tickle
my bare feet, and the fresh moist air caress me

And before I can see my motherland again;
the mountains which were a sight to behold,
the huge banyan tree where stories and dreams were shared,
and the marketplace which was always so vibrant,

I shall say goodnight, till it be the day
I meet

This is something I experimented with for the first time. I have never experienced any emotion like this before, so it was quite a challenge. I really hope you liked this! ><


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