Peer Review by Suri Purefoy (United States)

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Beauty Note

By: JJP11

PROMPT: Open Prompt

The presence of beauty in the world is the greatest proof of the existence of perfection. Beauty, for everyone, comes down to a distinct mixture of characteristics that is only held by said person. Personally, beauty is the courage to be who you are, to peruse to improve others' lives to an equal or greater quality than your own, and to be creative and try new things that may seem outlandish to both yourself and others. True beauty comes when those outlandish ideas captivate and transcend the world. They inspire others to be like you, and in turn, give others the encouragement to follow. For you specifically, it is your self-confidence and honesty that entrances those around you. It is your willingness to express yourself for all to see that astonishes all that know you, and motivates them to want to be like you. By writing this, I intended to encompass the words of the very supportive group of friends and family around our very own superstar, and declare their encouragement in one voice and statement. Usually I would just reference a quote. Well, one thing I have come to understand is that the words of others in an attempt to describe something completely unique cannot and was not intended to be transferred to anything else, no matter how fitting it may seem. Anything that's worth anything in this life should bring with it an uncontrollable surge of emotion, whether in the very moment or in the recalling of a memory; and within that moment of breathlessness and unpredictable blending of feelings comes the words you were looking for, but could not be found until then. This is one of those instances, and these are my words.

Peer Review

"Read this, please? It's amazing!"

Your words. The language you used is precise and flowing, steady and graceful. I like how you used bigger words and phrases, adding a great strength to the piece.

I thought all of it was really good—you got the point out there and across, and made me think about the topic for a moment.

Reviewer Comments

You did a really, really fantastic job writing this! It's a beautiful, truth-telling piece that touched me. Thank you for writing this!