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My name is Anna Catherine. I'm a high school student in Australia. My interests include history, biology, writing, reading, playing guitar and dancing. My favourite genres of books are psychological thrillers, fantasy and science fiction.

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[ if you want to be a writer, you must do two things: read a lot and write a lot]

Writing is all about speaking from your soul and creating magic with your mind. To write, you must be able to connect with every aspect of yourself and every aspect of other people. You must be able to become someone else wholly.

Measures of self-worth

March 15, 2019

PROMPT: Self-Respect

1. When he places his hands on you, 
do not flinch; even though in your dreams 
he wraps his hands around your neck and 

2. Ball your fists. 
You were born a fighter; 
do not let them tell you otherwise. 
Do not let them belittle you 
behind your back. 

3. Study until your mind is a jumble 
of facts; do not let emotions distract you 
from the task at hand. You must be the best
to make them notice you. 

4. Lose yourself in the history of the world; 
read and listen to anything you can get your
hands on. You will not regret it when the 
adults underestimate you. 

5. Step out of your comfort zone. 
Stand your ground when they tell you 
that it is not appropriate for a woman 
like you to speak. You can speak. 


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