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Measures of Self-Worth

March 15, 2019

PROMPT: Self-Respect

  1. Doing something that scares me because a comfort zone is just a mundane village and every reader of fairy tales knows that the forest is where the adventures begin.
  2. Making someone smile with a corny joke because I've been in the darkness before and no one can survive the darkness without help, and some laughter never hurts.
  3. Getting something done sooner than later because present me really needs to be picking up the slack in her relationship with future me.
  4. Doing something I love because a life spent walking in the shadows and echoes of others; demands and expectations might as well be a life not worth being led at all.
  5. Loving myself because I can line up a thousand rulers with different lengths and units against my worth and inspect a thousand mirrors with a thousand different reflections and still find a flaw that shouldn't be considered a flaw to begin with.


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1 Comment
  • Kahte

    utterly relatable. we reward ourselves for doing small things for ourselves but not for being strong for all the big tough things we go through.

    over 1 year ago