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Viet-Junior Ly

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My Magnificent Poems

March 9, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

There is hurt, here, that cannot be fixed by Band-Aids or poetry.
Life's a Pain
Mankind is always a scuffle
Barrier that won't dematerialize
Whatever you accomplish
A Band-Aid will never solve it
You get pummeled by it
But you still move along
With the consequences of humanity
Knowing it will always torment
You may abhor life
But it is something that
Will always deceive you
So embrace it

Study Hall
Rackets in Study Hall
Always rambunctious
People yelling
“Shut up! I'm trying to work”
Blah, blah, blah
Goes Gabby screeching
Sounding like Hannah strangling squirrels
“Don’t die on me”
Pop machine composes noises
like a stomach growling
The Keurig brews coffee
“That smells good”
Coins falling on tables
Clink Clink Clink
Someone reaching for it
“Does anyone have fifty cents?”
Someone flinging coins
Bing Bing Bing
Flies across the room
“Ow... You hit me…”
Because the students are boisterous
The RoboDawgs procrastinate their school work
I notice it was time to go home
“Bye guys, I’ll see tomorrow”

Compass Rose Witches
Willie Wanda, Witch of the West
Thinks she has greater elegance than the rest
She has this evil itch
That she can not even ditch
Big bouncy belly of blue
That smells just like glue
Never washed that ginormous belly
All she does is eat more jelly
Nelly Nicki, Necromancer of the North
Where she is more than the fourth
She has wavy and static hair
Which she cannot even bare
Dark Damp Dreadlocks of Dandelion
It may even look to be Hawaiian
It twists and turns everywhere
And sometimes it falls in her underwear
But there are two more witches
Who have all the riches
They buy what they want
So they can give it to their aunt
Ellie Edith, Enchantress of the East
She is the very beast
All she does is fight and fight
When she does is in broad daylight
Sticky Stiff Staff of Spells
Looks like California Yellow Bells
She can enchant anything
Just in a circular swing
Solo but Single, Sally, Sorceress of the South
Whom she has the biggest mouth
All she does is help the old
So they give her all their gold
Wicked Wild Wand of Wind
Which it turned out to be very thin
It can bind wind factors
So it can be for the benefactors
Now you know all the witches
Where they could do some enriches
They all help each other
So they watch one another

Freshness of Cold by Leonid Afremov

Under the rainy starry dusk
Where the night is still young
In the park all alone
With your Vega
All the lamps dimly lit
Just to show the drenched path
And for the vibrant landscape
Off you go with your Juliet
The leaves display like it is time
For them to look shrivelled again
But some aren’t prepared
So it flourishes colors like never before
You walk with your lover
To where you call home
But it is not near
So you go elsewhere
You spot a building nearby
Wondering if anyone lives there
The doors are locked
You seek to stay for the night
You decide to go to her house
Without comprehending the consequences
She might surprise you with
But you still choose to go anyways
As you stroll with your true love
You try to talk about the future
But she won’t listen to any of it
So you keep walking with disappointment
You try again but at another approach
She won’t understand, but struggle to
She finally says yes and
You and her walk in matrimony



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