Broken like the new China Vase lying on the sheath
Broken like my heart
Broken like my soul

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Write your heart out in the comment section. Criticize, scold, do whatever you want.... but just give me some feedback on this trial. This has been going on in my mind since the starting of my exams, and let's see..how this one goes ( especially as Snow Flakes in Summer was a MASSIVE FLOPSHOW) Don't let me down guys, I love youuuuuu!!!!!!

Home-schooled Chapter 1

March 1, 2020



'No Sarah. What you did was wrong, really wrong.'
'Yes, but ma-'

'Do you have any idea?? Do you have any idea that with this one act, you have brought down the name of the entire school along with you?? Because you YOU- no one is wanting to admit there kids here any-'

'No Sarah, this won't do. I have to call your parents.'

'No ma'am , please don't . Please! Please give me one last chance. Please ma'am- please...I' beg of you....I'll-'

'I don't know how this might end Sarah. But, all that I can tell is that..it's not going to be very nice for you.'


The sun was up already, although it looked a little overworked. The red munia, who would have to pack it's luggage and leave for the southern skies this winter, was hunting around desperately for twigs, in order to reconstruct her nest, which had broken by the strong winds yesterday. 'Here'. The tired bird instantly recognized the familiar voice and swooped down excitedly to its source, to find a little container filled to the brim with grains and corn , waiting for her on the window sill. 'I hope that'll do, won't it?' Lest you want me to steal some more corn from the kitchen?'

The tiny bird looked up at the bright brown eyes and flapped it's wings, as if in acknowledgement.
'Okay then. You wait here, and don't fly off. Let me see if mom's still asleep or not.'

The seventeen year old auburn haired girl slowly scampered out of bed, and headed towards her mother's beloved modular kitchen, that had surprisingly fell short of corn these days. Although her mother had sworn to get to the bottom of the matter, it did not look like she had been able to do much progress  in fulfilling her pledge already.......or...she did.

The corn was kept safely out of bounds on the tallest shelf available in the too-much well decorated kitchen. There was no way she could reach that high all by herself- or - Sarah stood there stock-still , staring at blank space, as if struck by an idea.
The wooden rod , that was kept carefully behind the gas cylinder, had suddenly caught her eye. What if she used that- oh my god- that would be such a big risk- but what's in taking risks just for the sake of your friend?
She stood on her toes, and pointed the rod  in the direction of the container.
'Now,' she whispered to herself. 'On the count of one....two.....and-'

She tripped and almost fell , as the stick struck her hard on the arm.
'What the hell do you think you are doing?  KEEP THAT ROD DOWN, NOW!!!'

Slowly, the girl positioned the rod back to it's  original place, and stood there,  rubbing her right hand.
'How many times have I told you that -wait- so it was you- wasn't it? You had been stealing the corn all these days?'
 The brown-eyed girl made an apologetic face towards her mother, who, for some reason, had re-positioned the wooden rod from it's former position to the top of the shelf. The lady, who was in her mid- fifties, now looked at her daughter suspiciously. 'What did you even need the corn for, by the way  ? As far as I know, corn was never your fav-'
'Come with me.'

The lady did not know what happened, but it felt as if a magnet had suddenly instilled itself upon her daughter. She blindly followed the little girl, who suddenly came to a halt in front of the window sill.
'So you've not gone yet, have you? You kept my promise?'

Mrs Williams gaped wordlessly at the delighted bird, who was jumping up and down to acknowledge her daughter . Tears welled up the eyes of the woman, who took the bird in her hands, caressing it and whispering excitedly.'Do you like corn? That's  wonderful- then- who are you waiting for? Come - come on inside - you-'
'Mom, she has a fa-'
'I know Sarah, I know. They live in that banyan tree which is located at the extreme end of the Local Church. You might not know- but I ...I do.'

By the time they finished relocating the family to their new home, the morning sky had lit up with an unusual freshness. As the bird flew back into Sarah's clutches after enjoying a long tour around the house, the old lady, who had been reliving her childhood through her daughter's eyes , slowly patted her on the back.
'It's your first day of school today, remember?'


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    This was really interesting!! I was hooked from the start. Can't wait to hear more!

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