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Choose Love

March 14, 2019

She’s young and dressed like a Christmas tree, ornaments dangling, clipped to the front of her green shirt. There are no leaves around her, no triangular shaped clothes to look like nature’s creation. She’s in a head start program. Her head? Glued to face the girl next to her, eyes closed as she tilts it back to laugh. Her joy is frozen in a four by six picture taken by her mother to be stored away in an album; she says the photo looks cute.
Her mother doesn’t think two girls liking each other and being in love is possible. Love? That’s not love, your playing games with yourself. Don’t lie to me, you were never gay before. Who is that? She dresses like a boy, I don’t want you near her. It isn’t funny. It isn’t cute. Why are you doing this to me? The mother throws the picture away after she sees her daughter with a girl. That’s not my daughter, she wouldn’t act like this. Now, her mind is plagued with unnecessary and hateful thoughts towards her own flesh and blood and what it does in her free time.
It’s hard to understand how someone could be so bothered with others and what they’re doing with their life or who they like, that they’d go out of their way to show hate towards someone in the LGBTQ community. Hating people takes a lot of effort. Hate is something that is taught, and to constantly feel that towards a person takes time and is exhausting. It takes a lot more for someone to show another person hate than it does to show them kindness and respect, or even just leaving them alone.  Choosing to discriminate and try to supress members of the LGBTQ community usually results in ruined family ties and friendships.
    Unfortunately, there are many family members out there that ‘disown’ and mistreat members of their family for identifying as part of the LGBTQ community. They are kicked out of their own homes and cut off from family relationships for being true to themselves and having thought there family was supportive. This happens often enough that 40 percent of the homeless youth in America identify as LGBTQ. Parents or other family members show their disgust and disappointment, completely disregarding the fact that this person they’re choosing to look down upon is a part of their family and that there’s more to them than just being gay. It’s hard to grasp how someone can disregard family like that for something they have no control over. Even if they don’t openly show hate and disapproval, they stay in denial and continue to introduce their sons and daughters to people of the opposite sex, claiming, “you guys would look so cute together,” instead of accepting their family for who they really are. As a result, their family ties with people are ruined because there is discomfort coming from both sides that doesn’t allow for things to continue as they once were.
    Sometimes it tends to be that the same people who claim they no longer care about someone from the LGBTQ community at all go out of their way to harass or disrupt the life of someone they said was as good as dead to them. If only they’d be true to their word and mind their business as to leave the other person alone and stay away. Instead of acting like a stubborn little kid, simply leave the other person live their life without your involvement in it. People against LGBTQ advancement are like moths drawn to a flame, refusing to leave them alone, always trying to instigate something. If it bothers someone that much, why would they put themselves in a situation where they’re still involved in the thing that’s bothering them? What is wrong with having love?
It doesn’t seem reasonable and it’s hard to understand why someone would choose hate over love and acceptance.


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