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An Ode to Ms. Hanna

March 14, 2019


Kathleen is a silhouette under the sun
But a fiery aura on top of a dais
She screeches and screams about our conundrum
The sounds of her rage are just part of the fun
Neo-colonialist, anti-humane
If that’s who you are, please know you’re insane
Kathleen will be there to make sure you are tamed
She’ll skip across her stage and ruin your name
Believe me, that’s not all, she’s only just begun
She’ll swing and kick and yell and tie you up with your tongue
For someone so bigoted you’ve accomplished a ton
But no one can fix all the damage you’ve done
And just when you think she’s done with her raid
Kathleen will be the rain
Over your misogynist parade


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