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Your College Your Future

March 8, 2016

Chassidy Vang
Karin Hogen
Language and Literature
November 19, 2015

                                                                        Your College Your Future

    College is your future because if you work at a place they will look at what degree you got or what you did in college; so it is very important if you do. Bill Clinton stated, “When we make College more affordable, we make the American dream more achievable.” Meaning that if College is fair in money than everyone could live the life they dreamed of. Added to that, everyone should be treated equally. Firstly, College should be more affordable because some people could not afford the money. They will get a job right away after high school or not work at all. According to a quote, “I know how difficult the College process is. But also that whether our young people go to College shouldn’t be decided by what neighborhood they live in or what country they or their parents come from.”( This is saying that anybody should be able to do what they want to do and not be discriminated. ot a lot of people get to do what they want because it cost to much money for College. That the lower classes should be able to get to go to college affordable  without having a hard time with money.  

    Secondly, everybody should be accepted to College equally regardless of their race and gender. Student’s should be accepted equally because every person is equal. Sonia Sotomayor stated, “Until we get equality in education,  people won’t have an equal society.” This means that everyone will have the same opportunity to get accepted to College of any race color and gender. Like here some people may not be treated equally due to their gender or color. Jane Meyer stated that."You step back, and if you start looking and connecting some of the dots, it's very clear that strong women are not welcome in the department." This is saying that still people aren’t treated equally whether they are women or colored people. This shows that we still need to change because people could be the same level of grade and not be treated equal.
Lastly, College gives you more opportunity to jobs and it gives you what you want or like to do. If everyone get’s to College for free then they could have more opportunities to get a good job. If they do have free College then the students should have a certain grade to graduate.  Epictetus stated, “Only the educated are free.” This means that only the people that go to College for free are really smart and educated.  Also that it should be affordable because everyone deserves the chance to go to college for a more affordable pay . Doing the things you love after College is great because you really enjoy living in a happy life. Also College can shape and change you in a different way you couldn’t imagine in a great way.
    For instance everyone should be accepted easily after high school to go to College. College should be more affordable. Some people still think that College rate should stay the same because the people that really want to go to college would pay the cost rather than just going to College for free or at a more affordable price. According to some people,  they might not want to go to College because it cost to much or their grades are not high enough to exceed in college they are in medium class. This is important because according to Nancy Pelosi, “By making College more affordable for all and more accessible for minority students in the higher education authorizing legislation will help strengthen our nation and america's middle class. This means that by making College affordable the america’s middle class will make our nation stronger.   
In conclusion, every student should be able to go to College for an affordable price.  Everyone should be accepted to College regardless of their race or color. If College was affordable, parents will be more happy that their child can attend. Some students can’t afford the tuition so they have to get a job they may not like. College should be free so people will have more choices to finding a job.

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