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Excited for high school, going to be there soon!

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Contempt #powerfulpoems

March 19, 2019


the contempt you feel for me is
the hatred that burns in your heart
is fueled by me
i don't dare to ask
what I've done..

because I know
your envy spites me
your despair is euphoric
you yourself are nothing but

i have rendered your heart
but mine is further darkened
my cleverness rises above
your feeble attempts
my cunning stands above all

when will you grasp that
getting rid of me is
a Sisyphean task?
that it is outlandish to even

i myself am an illusion
almost.. unreal
your repugnance however
is understandable
because I will never leave you

i will corrupt you
further and further
until you break
until you shatter
until your contempt turns
to dust

i will puncture your heart
will cripple your senses
sap your strength..

if I can do more harm than I already have

after all, your shadow is the darkest part about you


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