these are my letters
to myself.

Message to Readers

*insert something deep and meaningful*


March 13, 2019



adores me

adorns me;
baby drowned by milk

hydra heads two hands two
wrapped on throat on coat

washing and scrubbing;
bleaches the burns the dirt

cooks with claws horns
feasting beastly from

open wound tusked
mother medusa-

wrenched me out
of womb a babe

fist first; she shrieked
and shook; strix

woman screaming!
mother stalls

beside my door she
listens for the whisper

before turning shifting;
stalking through the hall

lady monstrous
O minotaur
messing with style. 


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1 Comment
  • paperbird

    the way you play with words is fascinating––i love "mother / adores me // adorns me", "wrapped on throat on coat" and "wrenched me out / of womb a babe // fist first". you blatantly refuse to use commas in this and i love it––fits so well.

    over 1 year ago