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I’m trying to increase my writting and decrease my stupidity.

Message from Writer

I make a lot of spelling mistakes and I’m trying to create poems that don’t sound like random words put together, so if you have any feedback I would love to hear it!

For you

March 13, 2019


In a watercolour world
I would set the shadows ablaze
Wind my brush,
Dilute the world into a haze
For you, my love
I would dig roads to your grave
And erase the way
So that lights could not come
To watch you decay

I would dim the lights,
The people, the birds
Coerse existence into stale
For you, my love
I would paint the world in frail

Maybe it would be to no avail
And I would still become a drop of rain
At the mention of your name
And I would still envy the bugs
Setting home in your lungs

But even so,
For you, my love
I would sentence the world into an empty fate
To serve you silence on a silver plate

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