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I'm a hippie, what more can I say? I love Mama Earth and my amazing family and friends. Music is kind of my thing :) The Grateful Dead, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Creedence Clearwater Revival. I'm obsessed with the moon and in love with the stars.I just want the world to be happy and have all of her children get along and love each other. "Reach out your hand if your cup is empty, if it's full may it be again"- Ripple by The Grateful Dead.

Stop Using Broken Arrows

March 13, 2019


Dear Mr. Cupid,
Stop using broken arrows when you aim your bow at me. 
Some are snapped in half. 
Jagged, deep wounds that never seem to heal.
Others are soaked in battery acid,
eating away at my heart. 
Dear Mr. Cupid,
When you do take aim 
Won't you remove the blindfold you wear?
Won't you please take special care
to ensure you do hit the both of us with an arrow that is whole?
Dear Mr. Cupid,
One day the answers will be yes
your second target will be the best
yes, the best possible match for me. 
Victim 6043


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