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March 6, 2015

PROMPT: Photo Prompt


There is always a constant whirl of colour, and a stream of incomprehensible voices. There are always places to go, people to see. The constant murmuring is deafening. People push and shove to pave their way. A phone rings. A baby cries. Someone despairs over a lost opportunity. Sounds melt into each other until they become this rush of noise that forever assaults the senses.

Everyone walks on, and, despite the intimacy, takes no notice of one another. Acknowledgement, yes. Recognition, perhaps. The moment is fleeting, and later forgotten. Faces blend into one another, and they create this inexplicable memory that is remembered only in dreams.

There is no moment of stillness. The world moves on.

Except you. You, who captures this moment in the click of a button. 


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