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March 15, 2019



are a vase.
a shattered vase.
shards of
painted glass
lie scattered
across your life
and impale those
who dare 
sit too close.
(of course i understand)

the delicate knives
built around you
have taught people
to shy away.
who would
step on
all this glass
for me
? you cry.
(do you not see yourself?)

but oh, my love,
i will use
your sweet words as
my protection,
i will use
your burning heart as
my incentive,
i will use
your soft touch as
my defense.
(how could i be so blind?)

and when you
finally see me
at your side,
you will 
stitch up the 
parts of me
i could not
(i expected too much)

and i will
see that you
were worth
every scar.
(i deserved better)


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