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A Open Letter to my First Homosexual Fling

March 12, 2019


I miss her so much
Maybe If I was a better girlfriend, She wouldn't have done it

I miss her lips that immigrated from the American Dream and into my Puerto Rican beach
Her smile reminds me of stars that perfectly aligned to create her smile\
Her touch mimics that of a goddess who finally came to see hern people

God I love her
She was my life

And yet I still couldn't protect her
Can we get back together is what my heart screams,
hoping and praying that you could hear me

But my head says no
But my body shrivels away
But I cannot say that I don't love you

The this is

We can never be the same
We can never be aligned again

I cannot even sleep in the shirt you gave me because I know that I will just fall for you again
And I know that I cannot support us
And you need someone better than me

You were the Goddess that created the heavens above the people
I was just a lonely amoeba, swimming in the freshly cooled oceans

I do not want you
I want the idea of you

Because if I really had you

We would both be in a grave

RIP my bio grade


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  • RavensInkWrites

    I felt this. It was so lovely and painful at the same time.

    over 2 years ago
  • RNE

    this is so beautiful.

    over 2 years ago