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Dear Future Me

March 12, 2019


Dear Future Me,

How are things?

Have you finally found your feet,
found your wings?

Oh, who am I kidding?

Of course you have.

You're probably unstoppable,
above it all.
Tell me more.

Did you achieve your dreams,
reach your goals,
forge ahead with your ambitions?

Did you travel along the endless road of life,
whilst all the while finding the joy and angst that travel brings?

I bet you made a lot of friends,
but grew apart with others.
I bet you laughed, you danced, you cried,
discovered your true colors.

Maybe, along your winding path to find yourself,
you found love,
you found glory,
you found more than what you were looking for,
and you returned home victorious.

Tell me, future rosemary,
do you still like to read?
Like to lose yourself in a dream world?
Do you still recall the simple things that made you happy:
your family,
movies, music, art, books,
all of which made you smile,
when you were me.

Perhaps you made a discovery,
that changed the way people saw the world,
or did you save it?

Maybe you had songs, films or poems devoted to you,
or did you write your own?

I want to believe you are successful, no matter what.

Did you finally find it,
the thing that made you you?
Maybe you made a career out of it.
Anything is possible when you're you, future rosemary.

I'll bet loads of people look up to you,
arrive at your book signings, film screenings, premieres and award shows,
with big smiles,
and in hopes of catching even a glimpse of you.

I bet you did it all,
a modern superhero.
I bet you went to royal galas,
wicked parties,

People who you once looked up to
now might look up to you.

You're probably amazing, future me,
and I guess that's all I wanted to say.

Do you ever think about me,
rosemary of past?

Do you look back on me, shake your head
and say "I knew so little then."

Or does something happen to me very soon?
Something that will turn me from
into a smart, brave young woman.



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  • RavensInkWrites

    Truly amazing. I love all the positivity towards your future sled and the goals you have set. You're such an inspiration already :)

    over 2 years ago
  • _________

    I'll be cheering for you to get there!! You can totally accomplish all of these things and I wish you the best of luck doing them :DDD
    Also, reading this poem, I'm pretty sure you're already smart, brave, and strong.
    Rock on!

    over 2 years ago