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New Land

March 12, 2019


I've made my stand
I stood up straight amidst the dark
I had myself as the only guide
Walking on a place that I cannot flatten

I have tripped many times
I fell flat on the ground
With my face hitting the stones
Despite the bruises and wounds--I rose up
Looking black and blue in a place where light is a dream

I walked and walked and never stopped
My shoes may be gone
and the wounds untreated--bleeding
But I will never stop

Not when the storm brews
Or the sand flies
I might falter at every step
But it wouldn't be the end

No--it will never be the end
Not when the new way is undiscovered
Not when the land is full of blocks
I will brave the unknown
Go the distance barefooted and thin
I would not stop until I reach
The blinding sun that awaits


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